Ben 11 BG

Ben 11. YELLOW!

Ben 11 is an alternate version of Ben Tennyson from dimension 11.


He resembles 15 year old Ben 10, but with a yellow jacket, eyes, and Omnitrix.


Unlike Ben 10, he never went on a camping trip with his grandfather. Thus, Max ended up getting the omnitrix.

Not having the omnitrix when he was young prevented Ben from developing an ego like he has in the main Timeline.

Eventually, when Ben was 15, Max died in battle, and the omnitrix tracked down Ben and recalibrated.

Ben, now with the omnitrix, discovered the legacy of his grandfather as he fought against threats to the planet, and the universe.


  1. Fourarms
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Gravattack
  4. Astrodactyl
  5. Upgrade
  6. Gutrot
  7. Aerbounce
  8. Lemondrop (Goop)
  9. Echo Echo
  10. ?
  11. ?



Credits to whoever made the original Fourarms, Brainstorm, Gravattack, Ultimate Gravattack, Bullfrag, Astrodactyl, Upgrade, Gutrot, Balloon alien, Goop, Original Series Eye Guy, Echo Echo, and Ditto unpixels used for this page.

Credits to Lego Master for Ben.

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