Ben Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 10
Affiliations Tennyson Family
Team Omnitrix
The Good kids
Occupations Omnitrix Wielder
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Carl Tennsyon
Sandra Tennyson
Sunny Tennyson
Dylan Tennyson
Willow Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Verdona Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Frank Tennyson
Natalie Tennyson
Voice Actor Tara Strong

Ben Tennyson is a hero in Ben 10: Blinded (Blind AU). He is a Human from the planet Earth.


He has chocolate brown hair, light green eyes, and usually a smile on his face. He usually wears his grey Bat shirt with olive green shorts and light green rainboots, not that he could really tell but his friends and family helps him with getting ready.

On his wrist is the fmaous Omnitrix, it really completes his look.


He is wild but a bit more reserved, paces himself a bit more but will not let his lack of sight stop him from having fun or just living his life.


He was born blind and was sort of picked on for it, until his cousin Sunny started to hang out with him, giving him at least one person his age to hang out with. Eventually, he was getting picked on for his lack of sight even if others didn't know he was blind, but a girl named Courtney came to his aid and this sparked a friendship between the two and it just so happens she lived across the street from him and they would hang out all the time.

Powers and Abilities

He has the Omnitrix, prototype version, of which he uses to protect his home, friends, and family with.

He has a heightened sense of hearing. He gained this from his lack of sight.


Blind, he is completely and utterly Blind.



Carl Tennyson his father.

Sandra Tennyson his mother.

Sunny Tennyson is his cousin who is is a few months older than him.

Willow Tennyson aunt and mother of Sunny.

Dylan Tennyson uncle who was originally female and is father of Sunny.

Max Tennyson his grandfather.

Verdona Tennyson his grandmother he doesn't meet till many years later.

Gwen Tennyson is his cousin and not a very nice person.

Ken Tennyson is his older cousin and a pretty fun person to hang with.

Frank Tennyson his uncle and father of Gwen and Ken.

Natalie Tennyson his aunt and mother of Gwen and Ken.


Kevin Levin a bit a jerk but has a good heart.

Charmcaster she is a bit headstrong but means well once you get to know her.

Cooper Daniels they get along for the most part but don't ways agree on how things work.

Kai Green is alright once she warms up to you, which took a lot of playdates with ben.

Love Interests



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