Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson (BTTTW)
General Information
Species Human
Age 18
Ben Tennyson is the main hero of the series Ben 10: The Time Wars.


For pre-(BTTTW) info, see Ben Tennyson.

Ben is now eighteen, and has been called to fight alongside Professor Paradox in a war over all of Time and Space. But mostly time. 


Ben being eighteen, has matured quite a bit since Omniverse. When Azmuth asked him to give up the Omnitrix, he did so without a single complaint. Other than that, he is pretty much the same.


Ben looks the same as he did in Omniverse, but he now wears a new shirt.

Powers and Abilities

Ben can alter his DNA via use of the Omnitrix.


He appears in most episodes, so ones that he doesn't will appear here.


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