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Ultimatrix, Plumber training

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Ben 10,000 Rises

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson is a human from Earth. He's well known for wielding the Ultimatrix.


Ben looks alot like he did in Ben 10,000, but now he wields the Ultimatrix instead of the Omnitrix. He also wears blue pants.


Ben is well known for wielding the Ultimatrix. He also has had professional Plumber training, and knows his way in hand-to-hand combat.

Ben 10,000 Rises

In BTKR, Ben is 26 years old, and has replaced the Omnitrix with the Ultimatrix once again. Still in a relationship with Julie, Julie wants to marry Ben, but Ben is oblivious. Ben is finally becoming Ben 10,000, although he refuses the title himself. Ben is unlocking much more aliens, and doing all the things Ben 10,000 mentioned. Although Rook is gone, Ben is back together with Gwen and Kevin, and actively fighting crime. Ben now has to deal with the Plutonian revolt, who are invading Earth.


  • Originally he was missing a beard, but it looked weird.
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