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Ben Tennyson
Ben tennyson alien wars redesign.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 15
Affiliations Alien Force
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Carl Tennyson (father)
Sandra Tennyson (mother)
Gwen Tennyson (cousin)
Max Tennyson (grandfather)
Glitch (fused genetic copy/adopted brother)
Frank Tennyson (Uncle)
Natalie Tennyson (Aunt)
Lady Wilhelmina Warwick (English cousin)
Kathy (Aunt)
Dave Tennyson(Uncle)
Bob (Uncle)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Rita (Grandma)
Aliases Ben 10
Alternate Counterparts Ben Tennyson (Prime Timeline)
Ben 23 (Dimension 23)
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance Go Full Force: Part 2

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson was a normal ten-year-old kid until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into ten different aliens. Though initially immature and clumsy, Ben grew to be a true hero. He is the main protagonist of Ben 10: Alien Wars.


He still wears his shirt from the Reboot Series, and wears blue jeans and a black and white jacket, with a 1 one his right shoulder, and a 0 on his left shoulder, and wears black and white shoes. Ben also wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.


5 years after getting the Omnitrix taken away from him, Ben has matured and developed leadership skills. He does act immature at times, but is fully capable of being serious when it's called for.


At some point after the Reboot, Ben has had the Omnitrix removed and chose to retire from his superhero career in order to have a normal teenage life. He then grew up into a slightly more mature teenager, losing his popular status as a hero.

Powers and abilities


Ben is the wielder of the Omnitrix; A powerful device created by the First Thinker Azmuth that allows Ben to transform into 10 different aliens with a variety of different skills and abilities. However, he is only limited to 10 aliens at a time.


Whenever the Omnitrix times out, Ben is left powerless unless he switches into a new alien form. In addition to gaining the selected alien's powers, he gains its weaknesses. The Omnitrix also mistransforms at times, sometimes choosing an alien not fit for the situation.



Gwen Tennyson

Ben and Gwen have an ok relationship. After the incident, Gwen and Ben have become distant from each other, but when Earth and the universe was threatened again, Ben and Gwen reunited.


Kevin Levin

After the events of Ben 10 versus the Universe, Kevin has disappeared and they don’t see each other in again until five years later when they have developed into teenagers. When they meet each other again Ben doesn't trust Kevin at first, but after he saves Gwen from Kyra, he decided to let him on the team, but he still doesn't fully trust Kevin.

Elena Validis

Elena is Ben’s classmate at Madison High school. Ben also has a crush on her.


  • Ben still wears his shirt from the Reboot.
    • But it is not the same one because he outgrew it and got one in his size.
  • Ben is no longer afraid of tentacles and bees but still doesn't like them.
  • Ben's Birthday is December 27, 2006.
  • Ben's favorite band is There for Tomorrow.
  • Ben's least favorite alien is Alien X.
  • Ben's favorite game is Sumo Slammer Evolution.