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Timewalker Ben is No Watch Ben retrained as a Timewalker like Paradox. His is the only Ben Tennyson in the universe without an Omnitrix, but he has found a new way to cope with time powers.

Ben Tennyson (AOTT)
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General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Tempuspatium (occasionally)
Age 16-17 (Season 1-3)

18-19 (Season 4-5)

Affiliations Bellwood
Occupations Timewalker Apprentice
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Blade of Epoch (Time Sword)
Relatives Max Tennyson (grandfather)

Carl Tennyson (father)

Sandra Tennyson (mother)

Aliases Benjamin Kirby Tennyson (full name)
Doofus (by Courtney)
Alternate Counterparts Ben Prime
Ben 23
Gwen 10
Ben 10,000
Bad Ben
Mad Ben
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal


No Watch Ben looks identical to Ben Prime. The only discernible difference is his hoodie, which is similar to the one Ben Prime sometimes wears except without the "10" on the chest.

His Timewalker combat outfit consists of his hoodie becoming a white flared-edge trench coat with bright green details and a sharp collar. He has a green shirt on underneath and wears a large brown bandoleer strap on his back, along with white boots with green buckles. The look is topped off with brown fingerless gloves, silver safety-style goggles, and his Timewalker badge.


Ben's prototype Timewalker outfit. (art by mizuki2633)

In the past, No Watch Ben lived a usual, normal life with his best friend where nothing extraordinary happened to them. He was bored of the regularity in Bellwood and wanted some adventure in his life. After getting more than he asked for during the Eon crisis, he grew from his experience of holding the Omnitrix and became more mature, seeing life as something not to be taken lightly.

He is still quite childish at times, but he never lets his relationship with Courtney falter and is always there to solve any dilemmas they get into.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Same as his counterparts, Ben is skilled in the ways of personal self-defense.
  • Time Warping: A skill taught by Paradox, Ben is steadily learning how to bend time and space to teleport and travel throughout dimensions and other small distances.
  • Sword of Epoch: Gifted to him by Paradox, Ben wields a time-bending sword in battle.
  • Hovering: Only accessible through the sword's "hover mode", Ben can soar above large distances and gaps.
  • Chaos Slash: Only achievable with the sword, Ben can use the blade to slice waves of energy powerful enough to cut through steel.
  • Time Saber: Ben can concentrate the energy of the sword to transform it into a sort of lightsaber, making it a more dangerous and effective weapon.


  • Lack of Knowledge: No Watch Ben lacks the prior experience and knowledge about aliens shared by his multiverse counterparts who had an Omnitrix.
  • Pavophobia & Coulrophobia: Much like his counterparts, Ben is afraid of peacocks and clowns, though his clown fear is more repressed and less effective than the peacock fear.


Ben's Timewalker wardrobe. (art by me!)

(See: Courtney Lawrence (No Watch Timeline ) #Biography)




  • Timewalker Ben was inspired by Dr. Tennyson, an OC created by Deviantartist clover-karin.
  • Timewalker Ben was created out of Shipper's headcanon of what could be if there was a destiny for No Watch Ben outside of Plumber work.