Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
1/4 Anodite
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age Youth 10-11
Teens 15-16
Adult 30s
Affiliations Plumbers
Team 10
Occupations Superhero
Father (Future)
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Protype Omnitrix (Youth)
Ultimatrix (Teens)
Completed Omnitrix (Late Teens)
Biomnitrix (Adult)
Relatives Carl Tennyson
Sandra Tennyson
Xendal Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Gwendolyn Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Vera Tennyson
Verdona Tennyson
Clyde Fife
Quil Xandolt
Eranova Xandolt
Matt Spectrum
Maddie Spectrum
Nanxi Xelem Zil
Frank Tennyson
Natalie Tennyson
Zane Tennyson
Aliases Ben
Ben 10
Voice Actor Tara Strong (10-11 or younger)
Yuri Lowenthal (15-16)
Now Any Volunteers?

Ben Tennyson is a "hero". He first appeared in And Then There Was Ten (Canon Remake). He is a Human from the planet Earth.


In the beginning, he wore a white short-sleeved shirt with a black stripe going down the middle, along with black around the end of the sleeves and the neck of it. He wore brownish-green cargo pants and black and white sneakers.

Later on, as a teenager, he wears a fitted black short-sleeved shirt, with a green jacket that has two white stripes on the left upper arm and one on the front right side with a black circle with the white number 10 in the circle. He also wears blue jeans and black and white converse on his feet.

In his late teens, he wears a shirt similar to his the one from his youth, only this one is black and green with a big ten on it on his chest. Brown cargo pants with a belt that is usually hidden by his shirt. He now sports green converse for shoes.


At the start, he was pretty childish, cocky and arrogant as well, which led him to joke around despite the situation at hand, but it was a ruse to mask his fears. Even with that, he was caring and always trying to do the right thing. When he fails or someone ends up hurt from or because of the failure, he gets upset and often blames himself for it, even if it wasn't his fault.

Over time, he had matured a little but still kept the core traits of when he was young.

Powers and Abilities

Ben has the Omnitrix, not much else can be said than that. At first, it was the prototype Omnitrix, then it was the Ultimatrix, and finally the completed version of the Omnitrix. As an adult, he has the Biomnitrix.


He has an allergy to peanuts.


WIP (Will follow Canon)




  • Kevin Ethan Levin: Best Friend
  • Rook Blonko: Partner/ Friend
  • Talia Rytte:

Love Interests

  • Kai Green: Wife (10K)
  • Julie Yamamoto: Girlfriend at one point
  • Elena Validus:
  • Looma Red WInd: One-sided
  • Ester:
  • Eunice: One-time thing.
  • Jennifer Nocturne: Publicity stunt
  • Attea:
  • Drew Saturday: Crush
  • Emily: Friend of Gwen
  • Talia Rytte: He never returned the feelings
  • He flirts a lot in general.

Other; Alternative selves and Omnitrix wielders

  • Ben Prime
  • Albedo: Prime wise yes, in 3x0-verse up to a point.
  • Ben 23: Different dimension
  • Bad Ben: Just plan evil.
  • Mad Ben: Anger in a bad way
  • Nega Ben: Sadistic Emo
  • Benzarro: Zombiefied
  • Eon: Time lost Ben (I think)
  • Xendal Tennyson: What if alternative timeline and Dimension 0 counterpart.
  • Matt Spectrum: Alternative timeline.
  • Gwen 10: What if the alternative timeline for Prime.
  • Helene Tennyson: Future Omnitrix wielder.
  • Emilia Tennyson: What if alternative future Omnitrix wielder.


  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.


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