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Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, often referred to as Ben Tennyson, Super Ben or simply Ben, is the teenage, superhero main character of Ben 10: Alien Universe and Back in Action: Alien Universe. Armed with an alien device called the Omnitrix, he can transform into one of over one million aliens. His personality and history are very similar to that of the main timeline's Ben, but there are distinctions.

Alternate Counterparts

Counterparts of Super Ben are shown often throughout the series. Here's a list:

  • Ben 10 (Canon Series)
  • Killed by Scarogus Ben (Limited) - This version of Ben was killed by Scarogus' removal of many of the Cyogen crystals from Ben as Articguana in Limited. The Omnitrix was revoked from his dead body and brought back to its intended user—Grandpa Max. This timeline would lead to the Earth being destroyed by the Thep Khufan armada, with the heroes most likely to be able to stop the threat being defeated in the process.
  • Gwen 10: Alien Force Ben (Gwen 10: Alien Force) - Not truly shown, this version of Ben was overriden by Super Ben's accidental teleport to this timeline. He would have never received the Omnitrix (at age 10), as Gwen would have instead.
  • Alien Queen Ben Tennyson - This Ben appeared in Ben 10: Alien Queen. The episode was confirmed noncanon for unknown reasons.
  • Upgrade Ben - Debuting in The Alternative in the form of a backstory being told about him by Professor Paradox, Upgrade Ben is a version of Ben who had his Omnitrix forcefully destroyed to prevent Vilgax from using it (after Vilgax stole it while Ben was age 12). He now uses the Galvanic Mechamorph suit ("Aggression"), originally used by Azmuth's father in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.

Possible Futures

Future Ben

Future Ben first appeared in The Sea's the Limit.

  • Ben, at age 22, still walks around knowing Elena has a crush on him.
  • Future Ben was the first chronologically to utilize Atomhammer (a Goop/Clockwork/Atomix replacement) and Combustiball (a Cannonbolt/Heatblast replacement). The present Ben unlocked the latter with his second season set.
  • Ben uses XLR8 similarly to the original Ben 10,000 to go where he needs to go, but also because he's not allowed to show the present Ben his human form, as it is a grave threat to his standing as Ben's future.
  • Ben doesn't team up with Gwen and Kevin as much, and he doesn't mention his standing with Julie.
  • Ben has full control over Alien X.
  • His appearance seems to be a mix of the first and second Ben 10,000 in that he is built like the first Ben 10,000, but his face and personality are closer to the new Ben 10,000.


  • Ben is said to be one of the only Omnitrix Wielders over crosstime that refers to Armodrillo as Forge.
  • This Ben calls himself Super Ben, as opposed to Ben 10 or Ben 10,000, because he doesn't like either of the names. Coincidentally, he uses an Omnitrix that mirrors the original Ben 10,000's.
  • As opposed to Ben 10, Super Ben's worst subject is Chemistry (instead of Physics).