Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, often referred to as Ben Tennyson, Super Ben or simply Ben, is the teenage, superhero main character of Ben 10: Alien Universe and Back in Action: Alien Universe. Armed with an alien device called the Omnitrix, he can transform into one of over one million aliens. His personality and history are very similar to that of the main timeline's Ben, but there are distinctions.


Ben is cocky, with good reason. A beacon of peace, this hero used to lean towards the side of fun, achieving his heroic feats as pure accidents while enjoying alien transformations. Now, he jumps at the chance to save the universe, unite nations or peoples, for goodness' sake. He frequently gets carried away with his confidence, being shot down to Earth by his cousin and best friend.

He has more recently been seeing what type of person he becomes after having experienced great loss.


  • Ben is said to be one of the only Omnitrix Wielders over crosstime that refers to Armodrillo as Forge.
  • This Ben calls himself Super Ben, as opposed to Ben 10 or Ben 10,000, because he doesn't like either of the names. Coincidentally, he uses an Omnitrix that mirrors the original Ben 10,000's.
  • As opposed to Ben 10, Super Ben's worst subject is Chemistry (instead of Physics).
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