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Ben Tennyson
Ben10 UltraF
Ben Tennyson
Name Ben Tennyson
Protector of Earth
Wielder of The Ultimatrix
Alien Boy
16 years
Human (3/4)
Anodite (1/4)
Home Planet
Gwen Tennyson (cousin)
Kevin Levin (Best Friend)
Diego Azules (Friend)
SAM (Friend)
Ben's Team (Leader)
First Appearance What IF?

History (Ben 10: Ultra Force)[]

Ben is very similar to his original counterpart, except that in this reality he along with Gwen and Kevin went to a special plumber mission that the original Ben, Gwen and Kevin never went to. Ben was the official leader of this mission, but because of his ego, pride, and immature personality it cost the team big time. After the mission he acknowledged how selfish his actions were. He became more serious, cold tactic, and untrusting during battle, but he still jokes around once in a while when he is not in duty.

One week later after the mission incident he and the team met Diego , and individual from another universe. At first Ben consider Diego a menace, but after get to know him, Ben accepted him as a friend and as an important addition to the team.

later he and company fight an A.I. that Diego installed in his motorcycle, but after rebooting the program, Ben and the rest accept it as an official member of the team.


At times he can be very serious, and skeptically as shown on “What IF?” and “Trustworthy.” But later on he starts to be a friendlier, funny type of guy.


Ben has no powers at all even though he is one fourth anodite. But he is the wielder of most powerful weapon in the galaxy, the Ultimatrix. The watch allows him to transform into over a million different alien creatures. He is also a well skill hand-to-hand combat fighter for human standards.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a caucasian 16 year-old boy. He wears a short sleeve green jacket, wears darker jeans, and a black t-shirt. he now has a light-grey belt and the Ultimatrix still is in his left arm. he has left some of his facial hair grown, to be specific he grew a goatee.