Ben 10+0 is a series bysol and brian

New sequel coming soon! Check out Ben Ten + 0: Season Two: The Unleash Reload, also known as Ben 10 Relished, coming soon to theaters near you. Also, get hype for the new movie Ben Ten + 0 + Infinite.


Ben ten plus zero

Ben Tennyson returns with the all-new and cool Ultimatrix 2.01 and defeats evil!!! With the help of his cousin Gwen and her new Ultimatrix 2.010, and his friends Kevin and Rook, Ben is ready to take on anything!!!!!!!


Good guys

  • Ben
  • Gewn
  • Evil Kevin
  • Rook

Bad guys

  • Ester


episode one: Ben Ten Returns episode two: The evil Psychobus episode 3 Canon bull: episode 4: Bugs stuff

also very important crossover episod

Len Ten + 0

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