Ben Grimm Radios was just ya average weirdo teenager until he had a magical dream and was bestowed the FunTrix. He is the main character in the series BTAS.


He is a tall white caucasian teenage male of British origin. His skin is quite pale. He has messy brown hair, sometimes dangling over one eye, which are blue.

He is usually seen wearing a burgandy coloured jacket over a green shirt. He has black baggy trousers and blue trainers with white soles over black socks.




Ben was born on August the 14th of an unknown year in a hospital somewhere in Redwood.

On an unknown date during the night Ben experienced a magical dream and was bestowed the FunTrix, the next day using it for the first time transforming into a Talparum and a Splixson for the first time.

A few days later Ben transformed into an Aerophibian and flew to New York wear he faced Dr. Veggietose and defeated him using his L'airosnes Sightra and Biosovortian samples.

Powers and Abilities

Ben has the ability to transform into 10 different alien species via the FunTrix.






Ben 10: Another Story

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