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Ben 10: Haunted
Season 1, Episode 22
Written by Ghost King001
Directed by Ghost King001
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Secret of the Skin Walker
The Demon State


It was a calm day in Bellwood. The city was finally rebuilt and everyone was happy. Suddenly Waybig arrived from nowhere and stepped on a statue.

Waybig: Puny people! I`m in charge now!

Theme song!

People ran away screaming from Waybig. Ghost King was in the area and saw this.

Ghost King: Hey, Tennyson`s finally snapped! Just like I knew he would!

Waybig roars and attacks the city more. The Plumbers arrive.

Rook: Ben! Why are you doing this!?

Waybig: Because. I can!

He swats the Plumber vehicles away like flies. Ghost King casually stands by a lamp post and watches.

Rook: YOU! You are responsible for this are you not!

Ghost King: Nope, actually I foresaw this coming. Why do you think I bribed two dangerous alien criminals to make me a watch?

Rook: So you could take over the Earth?

Ghost King snickers.

Ghost King: Alright, that too. But right now it looks like Ben`s gone berserk and how do you expect to stop him?

Max: Why would you help?

Ghost King: Just because I`m a villain doesn`t mean I`m pure evil. The way I see it Waybig there is going to kill innocent people, I hate that. It`s a waste of life. Tell you what? I`ll be the hero for once.

Max: What`s the catch?

Rook: Surely there is an ulterior motive with you.

Ghost King: All I ask in return is a pardon from my previous crimes. Then after I defeat him I`ll hand him over so you can fix him or whatever.

Rook: Why should we? You will obviously go back to crime after.

Max: Fine, go for it.

Rook looks surprised at Max, Ghost King laughs and motions for them to step aside. They do so as he turns into Ghidrah and roars at Waybig before charging him.

Rook: Why would you-?

Max: I only did it to keep him out of our way. I`m calling Gwen, I know that isn`t Ben. And if it is something is wrong with him. If Ghost King steps out of line fire at him.

Rook nods and stands by. Ghidrah uses his gravity beams on Waybig only for him to retaliate with his energy beam. Ghidrah growls as he shifts into Space Jellyfish and constricts him. Waybig screams in pain as his energy is drained by the Dogora.

Waybig: You insignificant speck! I`ll crush you!

Space Jellyfish seems to laugh at this as he continues to drain Waybig`s energy. Waybig grabs his tentacles and flips him off.

Waybig: Stay down.

Ghost King turns back, his eyes are fiery with hatred as he turns into Leeds and breathes Hellfire at Waybig. Waybig swats him away like a fly. He then turns into an Utrom and inserts a growth chip.

Utrom Transformation: BRAINIAC! Alright Tennyson, I`m going to get you this time!

Brainiac fires a missile from his Mandroid`s mouth at Waybig. Waybig catches this and flings it at a skyscraper.

Brainiac: Not my best move.

Waybig grabs him and begins to crush him. Brainiac quickly turns into Omen and glides away.

Omen: You really don`t act like Ben.

He shudders.

Omen: are an imposter!

Waybig: Took you long enough!

Waybig peels off a green decal on his Omnitrix and reveals it`s red. He then slams onto it and turns into Ultimate Waybig.

Omen:...Oh I`m so screwed.

Ultimate Waybig: Take this!

He squishes Ghost King to the ground. Now that the imposter is exposed a new fleet of Plumber vehicles arrives and fires at him.

Rook: Fire!

The Plumbers keep attacking, Ultimate Waybig swats at them like they`re toys. Ghost King staggers up, he intends to keep his promise as he turns into a Mokele Mbembe and tail smacks Ultimate Waybig. This makes him wobble a little before he regains balance and grabs him.

Ultimate Waybig: You still don`t get it do you? You can`t defeat me! You`re just a pale imitation!

He flings Ghost King into a building. He weakly gets up and bellows angrily. Max returns with Gwen...and Ben.

Ben: Albedo! The scheme is over!

Ultimate Waybig: Hah! You`re inferior imposter can`t stop me, what makes you think you can?

Ben: I wouldn`t taunt him like that. He has a short temper.

Ultimate Waybig laughs. He doesn`t notice Ghost King turn into an abnormally large Tyrannosaurus and rear up on his tail, kicking Albedo with both legs in the back of his leg. Albedo feels a sharp pain.

Ultimate Waybig: My leg! What have you done!?

Ghost King roars and charges. He bites into Albedo as Albedo tries to shake him off, but his leg is in too much pain already. He then tries to rip him off but that hurts even more. He doesn`t notice Ben turn into Waybig and tackle him. Ghost King lets out a shrill roar of pain as Albedo topples onto him.

Waybig: WAYBIG! Game`s over Albedo.

Albedo turns back. He tries to get up but his leg is still in pain. He then realizes it`s broken. Ghost King looms over him and shows a toothy smile. Before he can attack further Waybig grabs him

Waybig: He`s had enough.

Ghost King turns into Pollute Brute and tries to break free. Ben sighs and flings him into the desert on the outskirts of town.

Pollute Brute: Cuuurse yoooou Tennysooon!

He vanishes into the horizon. Ben turns back and Albedo is arrested. Albedo growls.

Albedo: I will have my revenge on you Tennyson! Mark my words! You and that other Omnitrix wielder will pay!

Ben: Sure we will. Goodbye Albedo.

Albedo is placed into a Plumber transport vehicle as he`s taken to HQ to await Azmuth`s arrival so he can pick him up and punish him accordingly.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Albedo disguises himself as Ben and attacks Bellwood.
  • Ghost King and Albedo fight.

Minor Events

  • Ghost King reveals he has two additional cryptids in his Omnitrix. He most likely obtained them when he went to Argost`s lair and saw them in cells after defeating the Frankencryptid.


  • Rook
  • Grandpa Max
  • Gwen Tennyson(non speaking)
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Plumbers(non speaking)


  • Ghost King


  • Albedo

Aliens Used

By Albedo

  • Waybig
  • Ultimate Waybig

By Ghost King:

  • Ghidrah
  • Space Jellyfish
  • Leeds
  • Brainiac
  • Omen
  • Mokele Mbembe Transformation
  • Tyrannosaurus Transformation
  • Pollute Brute

By Ben:

  • Waybig


Ghost King kangaroo kicks Albedo while as a Tyrannosaur, this is a reference to the Toho monster Gorosaurus. Equally as interesting is the fact he got his DNA sample from the Burrunjor, who lives in Australia.


  • Ghost King has Mokele Mbembe and Living Tyrannosaurus DNA in his watch.
  • Ghost King took a lot of time to practice the Kangaroo Kick offscreen. His practice seems to have payed off as he fractured Albedo`s left leg.
  • Despite defeating Albedo, Ghost King was not granted his pardon.
  • Ben was knocked out by Albedo prior to this story and was hidden in a warehouse located in Undertown.
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