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Ben 10: Ultra-Superverse
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date Unknown
Written by Planetmiguel
Directed by "
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Ben Gets 10ed Pt.1
The Flame's Attack


The ship is still falling towards Earth at a very high speed. Just then Ben's omnitrix recharges and he turns into Grey Matter (sequence) and crawls up the ship. He makes it to the control system and breaks into it and tries to fix and does. Just then Vilgax smashes the controls open and grabs Grey Matter but his omnitrix symbol is stuck on some wire. He pulls him out and the omnitrix begins flashing orange and he is thrown out of the ship. Young Ben turns back and he screams. A flash from the hole the ship occurs and Jetray comes flying down at young Ben. He picks him up and fles back into the ship and turns back. Young Ben looks at his flashing and malfunctioning omnitrx and shakes it around and then bangs it on the wall. Kevin runs at them and Ben turns into Eatle and eates some of the wall. He gets knocked down by Kevin and then young Ben turns into Diamondhead. He runs at Kevin and shots crystals at him. Just then his omnitrix begins flashing orange again and it turns him into Upgrade. He takes control of the ship and flies it up into the air but once again the omnitrix glows orange and turns young Ben back. Ben and Kevin are still fighting. Just then Eatle blasts Kevin in the face and he gets flung out of the ship. His body begins cracking and all of the alien parts break off. Kevin falls to Earth and Eatle turns back to Ben. Just then Azmuth teleports into the ship and he walks up to young Ben surprised and confused, He jumps on his wrist and sees the omnirix malfunctioning. He twists the dial a few times and slaps it down. The omnitrix goes back to green and blinks.Azmuth tells him that he has unlocked every alien on it and then he walks over to Ben and nods and then teleports away. Just then Vilgax runs at them. Ben dials up Atomic Wave and turns into him. Young Ben sees his omnitrix glowing bright green and he turns into Ditto and both Bens defeat Vilgax. Both Bens wave goodbye to Vilgax on Earth and his ship flies deep into space.



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  • Young Ben's omntirx malfunctions and Azmuth comes to fix it and unlocks the rest of his aliens.
  • Ben turns into Jetray since SV.
  • Azmuth returns since SV.
  • Kevin dies in this episode.
  • Vilgax once again gets defeated but will be back.