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Ben 10: Ultra-Superverse
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date Unknown
Written by Planetmiguel
Directed by "
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Vilgax Strikes Bax
Ben Gets 10ed Pt.2


Kevin and Vilgax are walking towards young Ben, trying to destroy him. Ben gets freaked out and runs away from them. Just then a bright flash happens and Fasttrack is standing behind them. He runs at them and throws Kevin down but Vilgax tries to blast him but ends up barely missing young Ben and Fasttrack and breaks a hole in his ship. Young Ben's omnitrix recharges and he looks for the right alien. He turns into Heatblast (sequence) and throws fire balls at Vilgax but accidentally knocks Ben down, causing him to turn back. Just then Kevin gets up and walks over to Ben and aims his fist at him. Young Ben screams no and turns back. Kevin blasts Ben and then goo shoots everywhere and reforms together to make Goop. He turns into Four Arms and punches Kevin down and asks young Ben to go Four Arms and help him. Young Ben turns into Upchuck (accidental) and runs at Vilgax. He smacks Upchuck into the wall and then the whole wall explodes open and Upchuck falls down under some pieces of the wall. Tetrax flies into the ship and shoots crystals at Vilgax and Kevin. Ben turns back and walks over to Tetrax. Just then young Ben comes out form under the wall pieces and goes to tetrax who is confused. Vilgax runs at them trying to blast them and Ben tells Tetrax to take Ben (10) out of the ship. Young Ben gets angered and Tetrax flies out of the ship with him. Ben turns into Caddywanker and throws bits of the ship at Vilgax and Kevin. Just then Wildvine swings into the ship and begins smacking Vilgax and Kevin around. Ben turns back and angrily stares at Wildvine. Just then Vilgax flies at the controls and they break and malfunction. The ship begins heading towards Earth and begins breaking up into pieces.



Aliens Used:[]

By 16 Ben:[]

By 10 Ben:[]


  • Ben: Four Arms!
  • Young Ben: Hey! Not fair!
  • Four Arms: Just help me out here. 1,2,3!
  • (Young Ben's omnitrix recharges)
  • I guess its Four Arms time!
  • (Turns into Upchuck instead)
  • Upchuck? How come you are always the lucky one?


  • Fasttrack and Four Arms make their first re-appearences by Ben.
  • Tetrax returns since SV.