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Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23)

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Ben Tennyson is an alternate version of Ben Tennyson and a hero from Dimension 23 who first appeared in the Omniverse episode Store 23.


Ben 23 is now a 16-year old teenager who wears a blue Alien Force-like jacket with a 23 marked on it, a white shirt, a golden necklace with the Power Watch symbol, a red scarf, a white hoodie, a blue pouch on his waist, black pants, white and blue sneakers and he wears the recalibrated Power Watch on his left arm. He also dyes his hair blue now.


Ben 23 is arrogant, but he's a lot better than when Ben first met him. One thing that sets Ben 23 apart from Ben Prime is how creative he is when naming his aliens. While Ben Prime used clever wordplay when naming his aliens, Ben 23's names tend to be somewhat simple-minded/lazier. Ben Prime even points out Teeny-Weeny is a terrible name for Ben 23's version of Nanomech.


Powers and Abilities


Ben 23 possesses an Omnitrix with a blue/gold color scheme, reflecting 15-year-old Ben Prime's green/black recalibrated Omnitrix.

Accessible Aliens

  1. Ice Bear (SnowBeast)
  2. Man-Beast (Chimera)
  3. Mr. Bat (Batbolt)
  4. 4 Elements-Man (Elements)
  5. Magic-Man (Mage)
  6. Punch-A-Bunch (Power-Up)
  7. Sandmurai (Sandbox)
  8. Two-Face (XYZ)
  9. Turretoise (Blasturtle)
  10. Snot-Guy (Big Nose)
  11. Charcoal Man (Heatblast)
  12. Speedy Quick (XLR8)
  13. Mr. Monkey (Spidermonkey)
  14. Muck a' Muck (Goop)
  15. Build-A-Guy (Bloxx)
  16. Nighty Knight (Pesky Dust)
  17. Dog'nabit (Wildmutt)
  18. Vomit Man (Upchuck)
  19. Handy Man (Four Arms)
  20. Teeny Weeny (Nanomech)
  21. Lightning Volt (Frankenstrike)
  22. Orbit Man (Gravattack)
  23. Freeze-Lizard (Arctiguana)
  24. DinoMighty (Humungousaur)
  25. Giant Manster (Way Big)
  26. Brain Frog (Grey Matter)
  27. Sparkle-Man (Diamondhead)
  28. Freeze Ghost (Big Chill)
  29. Big Bug (Stinkfly)
  30. Tool Boxx (Armodrillo)
  31. Electric Yeti (Shocksquatch)
  32. Rollaway (Cannonbolt)
  33. Windy Hindy (Clockwork)
  34. Techno-Bubble (Upgrade)
  35. Water-Lad (Ripjaws)
  36. Mr. Muckey (Swampfire)
  37. Eye Guy (Eye Guy)
  38. Feedback (Feedback)
  39. Fuzzy Wuzzy (Molestache)
  40. Wolfy Blowfy (Blitzwolfer)
  41. Spooktacle (Ghostfreak)
  42. Plantguy (Wildvine)
  43. Sarcoface (Snare-Oh)
  44. Double-Dude (Ditto)
  45. Copy-Copy (Echo Echo)
  46. Prismaster (Chromastone)
  47. Brain Crab (Brainstorm)
  48. Magnet-Man (Lodestar)
  49. Windy Turtle (Terraspin)
  50. Water-Bomb (Water Hazard)
  51. Hexelectric (AmpFibian)
  52. Furnace Man (NRG)
  53. Gamabot (Atomix)
  54. Spew-Spit (Spitter)
  55. Camolleon (Chamalien)
  56. Buildevil (Juryrigg)
  57. Mr. Frog (Bullfrag)
  58. Eletrick (Buzzshock)
  59. Ball Bug (Ball Weevil)
  60. Fright Face (Toepick)
  61. Indestructi-Boy (The Worst)
  62. DinoStarr (Astrodactyl)
  63. Dragcula (Whampire)
  64. Fartimo (Gutrot)
  65. Ragin' Cat (Rath)
  66. Chicken Biggo (Kickin Hawk)
  67. Crick'A'Jump (Crashhopper)
  68. Fish Stick (Walkatrout)
  69. Fish Kite (Jetray)
  70. Kitty Quick (Fasttrack)
  71. Whack-A-Lad (Slapback)
  72. The Myth (Alien X)
  73. Shapeshifter (Decimus Prime)
  74. Dragoom (Fire Crusader)
  75. Portaler (Portaler)
  76. Alien Z (Z-Cutter)


Ben 23's battle prowess is almost entirely self-taught. Much like Ben Prime when he was younger, Ben 23 tends to fight recklessly in front of people and often has little to no strategy when fighting his enemies.



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