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Ben 23: (Series), or Ben 23, is a series created by Diamondface, and is co-written by Maximus Loo2012 and Ultra3000. Art is done by Lego Master. This series was created on January 27, 2013. Pug was previously artist


We've had fan episodes before, but now, we will make a whole episode of Season 2's (episode 5/6/7) plot decided by fans. All you have to do is write a summary of your idea on this thread and we will consider using that storyline!


A few years after Store 23, Ben 23 is 15 years old and still wields the Hero Watch. Now, Ben must battle Vilgax, Psyphon, Hope, and more with his aliens and the constant help of his cousin Gwen, Rook, Azmuth, Sevenseven, and Tetrax.



Aliens (Including Mainstream)



Mainstream Counterpart

Charcoal Man Pyronite Heatblast
Electricyeti Gimlinopithecus Shocksquatch
Vomit Man Perk Gourmand Perk Upchuck
LEGOrilla Segmentasapien Bloxx
Dog-Nabbit Vulpimancer Wildmutt
Mr. Monkey Arachnichimp Spidermonkey
Rollaway Arburian Pelarota Cannonbolt
Freezelizard Polar Manzardill Articguana
Handy Man Tetramand Four Arms
Smash Cricket Unknown Crashhopper
Fireflower Methanosian Swampfire
Duplicat Splixson Ditto
Grava Guy Galilean Gravattack
Giant Manster To'kustar Way Big
Dinoflight Unknown Astrodactyl
Electro Crab Cerebrocrustacean Brainstorm
Ogre-Face Unknown Toepick
Feedback Conductoid Feedback
Velocitiraptor Kineceleran XLR8
Eye Guy Opticoid Eye Guy
Mantaboost Aerophibian Jetray
Rainbow Rock Crystalsapien Chromastone
Build Devil Unknown Jury Rigg
Tiger Man Appoplexian Rath
Spikysaur Vaxasaurian Humungousaur
Metalliation Prypiatosian-B NRG
Jello Man Polymorph Goop
Smartoad Galvan Grey Matter
Beetlechomp Unknown Eatle
Fairyflight Unknown Pesky Dust
Sonicsound Sonorosian Echo Echo
Bandage King Thep Khufan Snare-oh
Howlhound Loboan Blitzwolfer
Zapster Transylian Frankenstrike
Magnidude Biosovortian Lodestar
Turtlewind Geochelone Aerio Terraspin
Seedshot Florauna Wildvine


Galvanic Mechamorph Upgrade
Spectzor Ectonurite Ghostfreak
Time Guy Chronosapien Clockwork
Shortshock Nosedeenian Buzzshock
Walkatrout Walkatrout Walkatrout
Insectawaste Lepidopterran Stinkfly
Insect Orb Unknown Ball Weevil
Karate Bird Unknown Kickin Hawk
Alien 23 Celestialsapien Alien X
Metalshrink Nanochips Nanomech
Vortentacle Squidportalian None
Megazron Electrosapien None
Drill-o-Rama Talpaedan Armodrillo
SuperSaiyan Unknown Atomix
Fastcat Citrakayah Fasttrack


Fan Episodes

These episodes are written by fans, and are not canon to the actual timeline.

If an episode has this template on its page, then it is a fan episode.

The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to Ben 23's continuity.

Episode Name



A Reflection in the Mirror Ben10fan3 Complete
A Gyroic Day Ultra3000 Complete


Movie Name

Written By

Directed By


Release Date

Ben 23: The Movie Maximus Loo2012, Diamondface, Lego Master and Ultra3000 Maximus Loo2012 In Pre-Production September 2013

Reviews of Fan Episodes

A Reflection in the Mirror

The episode is too short and the villain appears too suddenly. Good effort thought, but you need to add where the character comes from.

Maximus Loo2012 (Wall - Blog - Contribs)

Rating: 7.5/10

A Gyroic Day

Excellent plot, with a good purpose. I like it.

Maximus Loo2012 (Wall - Blog - Contribs)

Rating: 9/10

Theme Song

By Pug

Season 1

Tu du du du...

Ben twen-ty-three!

He's rich, and he wants to have fun

But when you need a hero

he'll save the day

Tu du du du

He fights evil and does stuff together

He can change his shape and get more cash!

When trouble's taking place

he'll save the day!

BEN 23!

When lives are on the line

It's superhero time!

BEN 23!

Season 2

Tu du du du

He's the gyroic one...

He's the awesome one...

He's Ben 23!

Wiser, stronger, smarter....

He's Ben 23!

When crime is committed...

Then too bad for the criminals...

Because he's Ben 23!


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Ben 23


Diamondface (creator) ~ Maximus Loo2012 (Co-Writer) ~ Ultra3000 (Co-writer) ~ Lego Master (Artist)


Ben Tennyson (fifteen years old) ~ Rook

Minor Characters

Gwen Tennyson (fifteen years old) ~ Azmuth ~ Charmcaster


Vilgax ~ Charmcaster (formerly) ~ Hex ~ Khyber


Season 1

An Alternate Hero: Part 1 ~ An Alternate Hero: Part 2 ~ Enter the Squid ~ I Hope So ~ There Goes the Easter Bunny ~ Con of Tiger Man ~ Galvanic Perils ~ Vilgax Conquers: Part 1 ~ Vilgax Conquers: Part 2 ~ Malware is Born

Season 2

Khyber Who? ~ Who Let the Dog Out ~ Malicious ~ Rise of Hex* ~ For the Corn Dogs* ~ Vilgax's Revengeance* ~ Hopefully* ~ Psychobos Rises: Part 1* ~ Psychobos Rises: Part 2* ~ Escape* ~ The Hunt for the Hunter*

Fanon Episodes

A Reflection in the Mirror (by Ben10fan3)* ~ A Gyroic Day (by Ultra3000)*

Note: Any episode marked with * is unfinished


Ben 23: The Movie (Coming September 2013)


Mr. Monkey ~ Vomit Man ~ Giant Manster ~ Grava Guy ~ Smash Cricket ~ LEGOrilla ~ Dog-Nabbit ~ Handy Man ~ Fireflower ~ Rollaway ~ Velocitiraptor ~ Freezelizard ~ Charcoal Man ~ Electricyeti ~ Duplicat ~ Dinoflight ~ Electro Crab ~ Ogre-Face ~ Feedback ~ Eye Guy ~ Mantaboost ~ Rainbow Rock ~ Build Devil ~ Tiger Man ~ Spikysaur ~ Metalliation ~ Jello Man ~ Smartoad ~ Beetlechomp ~ Sonicsound ~ Fairyflight ~ Bandage King ~ Magnidude ~ Howlhound ~ Zapster ~ Turtlewind ~ Seedshot ~ Hardware ~ Spectzor ~ Shortshock ~ Time Guy ~ Walkatrout ~ Insectawaste ~ Insect Orb ~ Karate Bird ~ Alien 23 ~ Metalshrink ~ Vortentacle ~ Megazron ~ Drill-o-Rama ~ SuperSaiyan