Ben Tennyson, nicknamed Ben 23,000, is the fully-grown version of Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23) from an alternate timeline and parallel future.


Ben 23,000 has longer hair, now standing up. He lacks the beard that his alternate counterpart has, with long stubble in place. He wears a suit-like shirt that is blue with a white vest. He has a black tie. He also wears dark blue pants.


Ben 23,000 is not like his alternate counterpart; he is fun loving and always seeks a threat to stop when necessary.  He is a family man, loving his wife and son dearly. He will do anything to save his acquaintances.

Powers and Abilities

Ben 23,000 possesses an alternate version of the Biomnitrix, with blue/gold/silver colors.

He is well versed in his fighting, and does not rely on his device unless the situation calls for such.

Through his past mentorships, he has gained more knowledge on technology and magic.


Ben 10: The Omniwars


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