Ben 23'000
Ben 23K
Art by Dio
General Information
Species Human
Age 42
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Dimension Dimension 23 (future)
Affiliations Azmuth (Dimension 23)
Occupations Hero
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities DNA Alteration
DNA Reparation
Universal Translation
Equipment Hero Watch (Omnitrix)
Alias Ben Tennyson (full name)
Friends Professor Paradox
Ben 10'000
Alternate Counterparts Ben 23 (younger self)
Ben 10'000
Ultimate Ben 10'000
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Chapter 5
Last Appearance Death of Ben 10

Ben 23'000 is a hero in Death of Ben 10. He first appeared in Chapter 5. He is a Human from the planet Earth and wields his version of the Omnitrix, dubbed the 'Hero Watch'. He exists in the future of Earth-1010/Dimension 23.


Ben 23'000 greatly resembles his Prime Dimension counterpart, though with a blue colour scheme. He no longer wears jewellery. He wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist, which resembles the OS version of the future Omnitrix.


Ben 23'000 retains the somewhat jovial nature of his past self, albeit greatly matured. He is also smarter than he used to be, though the other Bens don't often seem to recognise this.

He still keeps up the showman act when saving people in front of a crowd, however he no longer allows this to get to his head. He will only entertain others so long as he is confident he can complete his task while doing so.

Powers and Abilities

Ben 23'000 wields his version of the Omnitrix, allowing him to transform into any number of alien forms. He no longer limits himself to only 23. He claims to have over 23'000 aliens to his fans, but truthfully he has forgotten how many he actually has.


Ben 23'000 first showed up in Chapter 5, where he prevented a skyscraper from collapsing using Giant-Manster. He was recruited by Ben 10'000 and Professor Paradox to help save Ben Prime from Apollo.

In Chapter 11 he showed up on Apollo's warship to save the present Bens and returned them to Earth. In Chapter 14 he helped them infiltrate San Diego Ironworks, before confronting Apollo in Chapter 15.

In Trials by Fire: Part 2 he defeated Omni Apollo by tricking him into revealing his own weakness, water. He used Charcoal Man and Toolboxx to force Apollo's Omnitrix to time out, before transforming into Tidal Wave which scared him into sumbission. He later helped defeat Ollopa. In Chapter 17 he helped finally defeat Apollo.


Death of Ben 10

Death of Ben 10
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