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Release Date

To Be Added

Production Date

2006 (Technically), 2013 (Basically)

Number of Seasons

3 (Estimated), None (Currently)

Ben 20 is a series created by Stick, which tells the story of a 20-year-old wielder of the Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson, who has now grown into adulthood. It is a fan-made sequel to the four original (canon) Ben 10 series. As a currently well-known superhero throughout the whole Universe, Ben now holds his transformed Omnitrix in order to protect the world from threats on Earth and from Outer Space.


Eleven years after the events of Ben 10, Ben Tennyson has fully grown to be a famed superhero. His Omnitrix had morphed into a bulkier shape, and Ben has already unlocked over a thousand aliens, which he uses to fight off criminals and villains throughout the Universe. After Rook Blonko's death, Ben teamed up with his new best friend and former roommate in college, Bill Thompson, for whom he invented the Mechatrix to help him in battle. But now, his fame gave him stress. Ben starts avoiding cameras and publicity. No one really knows how he looks like nowadays. Not only that, his fame also gave him away as a target for vengeance. As villains of the past returns, Ben struggles in his career to put an end to them, and fend off his new enemies. But all seems worse when his foes join forces and gain alliances to attack him. How will Ben destroy these threats? Will he be able to save the Earth and bring peace once again to the Universe? Find out in Ben 20!


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  • Ben Tennyson
  • Bill Thompson
  • Mike The Dog
  • Maxwell Tennyson


  • Vilgax
  • Dr. Animo
  • Forever Knights
  • Kevin Levin
  • Dolofonians


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The series was originally created around the month of May, 2013. It was inspired by the four canon Ben 10 series. Most of the new aliens were created only by the writer himself. Some were taken from fan-created ideas with the owners' permissions. Some were even from Ben 10: Aliens Unleashed.

The writer, Stick, had also created an animated series as a parody of Ben 10 on YouTube. Although, the series will not be uploaded until further notice, due to its incompletion.


  • Ben has unlocked about 1000 aliens in the series, though only about 200 is stated.
    • He has created 5 Omnitrix models, Mechatrix, Biotrix, Neotrix, Ken's Omnitrix (Future), and Devlin's Levatrix (Future).
    • Ben has unlocked the Master Control.
    • There are even more aliens created by the owner than he could ever remember, oldest possibly since 2007.