Ben 15 force episode 3

(themed song)

like a ball

written by yiliang99

In the rustbucket

Gwen:Ben,look a balling competition!

Ben:Alright time to make my come back! 

Gwen:Ben,do you even know what is balling???

a silent moment......

Ben:nah,not really....

Gwen:Balling is a sport which you throw the ball with your hand to knock the pins.

Max:I remember in 1996 I am the balling champion....



Gwen:Let create a group and join the competition.

Ben:Let's do it!

Max:The name of the group be the tennyballs.


Gwen:Oki Dokey,we now have to get to this place...

Max:Ok let's go!

2hours later....

Max:We're here!

Ben:Wait why am I smelling smoke over there.

Max:Let's go check it out!

Ben:It's hero time!

Ben clicks the omnitrix and press it without choosing a alien.

Ben turns into a alien with wheels on it's leg.

Ben:Hey a new alien!

Ben runs to the schene.

10seconds later

Ben:I'm back! I just stop a fire! this alien be call quickster!

Gwen:It's only been 10 seconds.....

Ben:And I safed them!

Gwen:It's starting!

It shows some schene which they keep winning till the finals.

Ben:It's the finals!

Ben:Hey whats wrong with the omnitrix??

Omnitrix:Shape scaned unlock new alien.

Ben:Hey,this watch just talk!

Suddenly the robots from before appeared.

Ben:Time to save the day!

clicks the omnitrix and press it.

Ben:So this is the new alien.

Ben turns into a ball and destroy the robots.

Ben:Oh yeah Balling ball,this be the name of my new alien!

The robots been destroy and the finals continue.

The tennyballs only need 1 more strike to win!

Gwen:It is up to you ben!

Max:Go for it!

Ben focus and rolls the ball.

The ball hits all the pins.


The Tennyballs win!

and they take a picture of them with the trophy.

Ben:I have a lot of fun!Now let's continue the adventure!

Max and Gwen:Let's go!

The ending with them in the rustbucket riding to the sunset.

The end of episode 3.

Alien uses


Balling Ball

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