Ben 12
Ben 12.png
General Information
Species 3/4 Human 1/4 Anodite
Home World Earth
Residence New York
Age 12
Affiliations Grandpa Max
Jean 13
Kevin 11
Occupations Part time hero
Part time student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acrobatics
High Intellect
Equipment The Omnitrix
Relatives Carl Tennyson

Sandra Tennyson

Aliases Ben 12
Alternate Counterparts Ben 10
Bad Ben
Mad Ben
Nega Ben
Ben 23
Prime Nomad
First Appearance [[Path of the Omnitrix]]

Benjamin Kenneth Tennyson is the hero in Ben 12: Omnitrix Unleashed. He first appeared Path of the Omnitrix. He is a Human from the planet Earth


Ben has Caucasian skin, red eyes with glasses, a rather large nose, curly brown hair and a birthmark on his lower lip. He wears a red shirt with a black '12' in the middle, a black winter vest along black shorts and grey shoes. He also wears his Omnitrix on his left arm.


Ben is an immature, intellectual, light-hearted kid. Even though he doesn't act like it, he always tries to do the selfless choice and tries to be the best he can be.


In early summer of 2006, a boy by the name Benjamin Kenneth Tennyson went on vacation with his grandfather Max Tennyson, along with his cousin Gwen. Their first stop was Northern Canada, kicking off the summer with a view of the northern lights. After they arrived, Ben trailed off as he heard strange noises coming from the woods. As he got there, the northern lights came into view, as well as what was later to be known as the Omnitrix pod. The pod crashed a few feet in front of Ben. Curious from what he saw, he decided to approach it, and with that his whole life changed. He leaped down to the crash site and found the pod open, and inside, a mysterious red, grey, and black watch. Now that his curiosity had peaked massively, he attempted to grab it, and as his hand got close, the watch jumped up and latched onto his wrist. Frightened, Ben attempted to take it off, but his attempts led to pressing a red button. As he did so, the dial of the watch popped up, and a black icon appeared. Now, Ben placed his hand on top, his face went pale, as he was nervous to press down, but as he did so he began to transform into a being of fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Acrobatics- Ben is very acrobatic and good at gymnastics, giving him the edge while in human form.
  • High intellect- Unlike some Bens, Ben 12 has a very high intellect, even being able to figure out how to build a second Omnitrix.


  • The Omnitrix- For a while Ben was equipped with the Omnitrix, a device that allowed him to turn into any alien creature, but after its self-destruct function was set off, it was taken away by Azmuth.
  • The Omni-make-trix- The Omni-make-trix is what Ben calls his custom built Omnitrix. It works the same as the original Omnitrix, but has a feature that allows Ben to evolve his aliens.


  • Human weaknesses- Ben is susceptible to any and all human weaknesses.



Max Tennyson (grandfather), Gwen Tennyson (cousin), Carl Tennyson (father), Sandra Tennyson (mother)


Kevin 11, Billy Billions, Benjamin Lee Tennyson (Prime Nomad), Khan Blake, Jenny Tennyson, Brenda Tennyson.

Love Interests

Jean 13, Kaylee Saunders


Vilgax, Eon, Dr. Animo, Jean 13 (formerly), Kevin 11 (formerly).


  • Ben 12: Omnitrix Unleashed


  • Ben 12 is an alternate Ben Tennyson, like the ones seen in 'And Then There Were None.'
  • Art by Xian Arts.
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