Ben 11 is the main protagonist in the Ben 11 series.

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Ben as black hair and originally had green eyes but when he gained the watch they changed to blue. Ben wears a blue shirt with a black line down the middle. He wears light brown cargo pants and blue and white shoes. We wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.


Before the Omnitrix, Ben was an average kid until he learned about the Plumbers and started training until he gained the watch. After the watch came along, he became more selfless than his counterparts. He thinks things through before attacking head on. But at times he can be a little cocky. Professor Paradox told Ben Prime, "You can learn a thing or two from this alternate Ben." Ben also trains and learns about the new alien so he knows everything about them.


Ben has been shown in every episode




  • Peanut Allergy
  • Fear of Peacocks
  • Fear of clowns

Love Interests

Kai Greene- Kai is Ben's girlfriend since he was 13.


Kai Greene - Wife (future)

Ken Tennyson - Son (future)

14 Necrofriggians - Sons & Daughters

Carl Tennyson - Father

Sandra Tennyson - Mother

Albedo - Clone / Brother

Frank Tennyson - Uncle (father's side)

Natalie Tennyson - Aunt (father's side)

Manny Tennyson - Uncle (mother's side)

Unnamed Uncle

Unnamed Aunt

Max Tennyson - Grandfather (deceased)

Verdona - Grandmother

Gordan Tennyson - Grand Uncle

Betty Jean Tennyson - Grand Aunt

Vera Tennyson - Grand Aunt

Gwen Tennyson - Cousin

Sunny Tennyson - Cousin

Clyde Fife - Second Cousin

Joel Tennyson - Cousin once-removed

Camille Mann-Tennyson - Cousin in-law

Mr. Mann - Uncle in-law

Mrs. Mann - Aunt in-law

Lucy Mann- Cousin in-law


  • Ben 11 is the closest alternate Ben to the Prime Ben.
  • Ben loses the Omnitrix at 25.
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