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"Ben 10 in Space Part 2: Christmas in Space" is the 41th episode of Ben 10: Peace in Dimensions.


It's Christmas! Ben must celebrate it with the Highbreeds. But, he is teleported to Courage's dimension, but still in space world and still Christmas.

Courage is attacked by Katz, and Muriel and Eustace are kidnapped. Ben as Wildmutt fights Katz, but he must transform into Ultimate Wildmutt. He then defeats him. But again, the sun in Courage's universe is powering out, and Ben must save it.

As Heatblast, Ben saves the day again. Courage wants to make an alien Christmas with Ben. Ben and Muriel agree, but Eustace gets angry.  Ben, Courage and Muriel then celebrate Christmas.

Katz return and sends Ben back to Auraristicka. Courage soon defeats him with his howl.

Back on Auraisticka, Ben finds himself trapped again, but thinks he had a good Christmas.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Highbreeds
  • Courage
  • Muriel
  • Eustace


  • Katz

Aliens used[]

  • Wildmutt
  • Ultimate Wildmutt
  • Heatblast