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User: Benjamin and Kenneth Tennyson




192 (UAF)
16 (S1)
16 (S2)
15 (S3)
15 (S4)
15 (S5)
15 (S6)
15 (S7)
15 (S8)
14 (S9)
15 (S10)
20 (S11)
21 (cancelled)




5th July, 2013.(Premiere)
5th July, 2015.(Regular Episodes)

Preceeded by

Ben 10 Omniverse

Suceeded by

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Omniverse

Series Finale

3rd June, 2018.

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In Production

This series needs support! Please write your name in the Fan list (Only if you like it or write to Ben OmniX10 if you have suggestions) On 3 July 2015, the show is going to be retooled and relaunched to incorporate later seasons of Omniverse. Certain episodes of OV including Rules of Engagement are going to be ignored in the new canon for story purposes.

Many episodes are going to be released / written out of order. A chronological episode guide template is under construction. Meanwhile, you can refer to the individual episode pages' upper left corner for their respective chronological number and episodes that take place before and after them.

You might be looking for other Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Force pages, including Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force(A Ben 10 Stupidity Force episode), the Generator Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force series, the original Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force's episode guide or the original Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force Movie.

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