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In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: The Return of Diagon , Ben fights the FKC soldiers (every human on Earth except Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Julie) It is only available on the Wii.


The gameplay is similar to Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks, where you can choose the alien via the + pad on the Wiimote. You select an alien by pressing up on the + pad once

When in the form of Humungosaur, Swampfire, Wildmutt, Cannonbolt, Echo Echo, Big Chill or Spidermonkey, simply pressing up on the + pad after your first transformation will intiate the ULTIMATE form of any of the above aliens. However the Ultimate forms are on a time limit.

One negative is you still have to go from alien to Ben to go to a new alien (non-ultimate).



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