Galactic Explorers

Ben and his friends face a grave danger as the battle against evil may turn into an all-out war!

Image Episode Title Number Number Overall Original Airdate
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The Team.png
Fanon Crossover Part 1-6 1-6 33-38 3rd January, 2016.
Our heroes have faced their biggest challenge yet! Now, Ben must enlist the help of heroes in alternate dimensions to fight the ultimate evil.
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Generator Ben And Rex 10 7 39 10th January, 2016.
When a telepathic spell goes wrong, Ben and Rex accidentally switch minds.
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Snowstorm In Bellwood 8 40 17th January, 2016.
The Retaliator returns but includes a surprise within.
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Inner Talents 9 41 24th January, 2016.

The Sentients train at the Plumbers' Academy.

NOTE: Takes place before Omniverse because of Khyber's trophies.

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The Great Hunt Part 1-4 10-13 42-45 2016

Wow new omnitrix.png

Omni-chip Quest 14 46 2016.
Ben has to track down Khyber in Undertown to retrieve a vital Omnitrix component.

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Deception 15 47 2016
Primus is in grave danger as Albedo sabotages the Codon Stream, causing the planet to collapse on itself.
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