Parallel Battle

Ben and Rex's worlds have been stablized, but Alpha's desire for revenge has grown stronger! Can Ben and co. stop him?

Image Episode Title Number Number Overall Original Airdate
185px-Secondanimoua.png Ultimate Mutants 1 17 27th September, 2015.
Ben faces Dr. Animo when he tries to use an evolving machine to turn his mutant army "Ultimate" and so that nobody can stop them!
Ben's Aliens!.PNG The Ultimate Hero 2 18 4th October, 2015.
During a battle, Ben unlocks the most surprising transformation ever-Ultimate Ben! Amazed, Ben starts to master the ultimate transformation.
Alien DNA.png Discard and Draw 3 19 11th October, 2015.
Ben unlocks a set of new aliens while battling a group of escaping Null Void prisoners.
Alpha normal.jpg Alpha's Revenge Part 1 and 2 4-5 20-21 18th October, 2015.

Ben Tennyson finds his Omnitrix being stolen by Alpha. Now empty-handy handed, Ben must learn Plumber fighting skills to take the Omnitrix back from the thief who stole it.

NOTE: Premieres as one 45-min special.

The Omnitrix.jpg Simpleton 6 22 25th October, 2015.
Ben is forced to bear the Omnimatrix's first prototype, with only eight aliens accessable due to the Omnitrix being destroyed in Alpha and Ben's encounter.


E.V.O. Tennyson 7 23 1st November, 2015.
The seemingly harmless nanites have activated inside Ben's body and Gwen, along with Rex and Kevin attempt to cure him.


Nanite Invasion 8 24 8th November, 2015.
Ben's AF timeline has been altered due to Breach's handiwork. Pofessor Paradox, Kevin and Six must stop her or 15-year-old Ben and Gwen may be killed.

Inspector -13.jpg

The Alien Collector 9 25 15th November, 2015.
When Ben becomes stuck as Nanomech, a bounty hunter who collects aliens and imprison them sets out to capture Ben and add him to his collection!

Null void rock-1-.jpg

The Portal 10 26 22th November, 2015.
Ben and co. investigate when some strange portals open up in Bellwood but there seems to be even more to meets the eye...

Plumber's badge.png

Plumbers And Providence 11 27 29th November, 2015.
Plumbers and Providence may do the same thing, but they're still rivals.


Ben 10,000 And The Final Stand Part 1 and 2 12-13 28-29 6th December, 2015.

Another take on Ben 10,000's legendary encounter with the lord Vilgax!

NOTE: Premieres as one 45-min special.

180px-185px-Silver Techadon.png

Your Mileage May Vary 14 30 13th December, 2015.
Ben's rival gallery has grown far too large for him. A normal day in Ben's life - an abnormal day for others!


The Tech Trade 15 31 20th December, 2015.
Ben and co. need to stop the Forever Knights from obitaning an alien artifact that can destroy a city!

Ultimate Aggregor.png

Albedo And Aggregor- Doomsday Combination 16 32 27th December, 2015.
 Ben must take on Albedo and Aggregor - but with help from some unexpected places!
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