Time Travellers

As young ben's alien-butt-kicking adventure continues, Paradox and the trio must stop Eon from destroying their younger selves!

Image Episode Title Number Number Overall Original Airdate
212px-Ben kevin n Gwen chilling.png Not Over Yet 1 1 5th July, 2013.
In the Rust Bucket, Ben, Gwen and Max's travelling trip has been interrupted by Eon, who vows for revenge after being destroyed by Ben's team.
300px-Omniverse Ben 10,000.png The Tennyson Team 2 2 5th July, 2013.
The Tennysons have been attacked by the Negative 10, Vilgax and Kevin, but Ben and his friends show them that the Tennysons don't give up.

Lost In Time

3 3 5th July, 2013.

While battling the weakened Vilgax , he sends Ben into 26 years from the present and Gwen along with Max 6 years foward in time. 


The Disaster Strikes

4 4 5th July, 2015 .

After defeating both young Ben and Ben 10,000, Van Kleiss travels to the Ultimate Alien series' date and teams up with Alpha, after freeing him from the Null Void.

Ben hero time.png

Hero Or Zero

5 5 5th July, 2015.

Ben, having lost his UA self and his Ben 10,000 self, along with his family and friends, finds Paradox and decides to do the right thing.

Of Predator part2 89.png Ben Strikes Back 6 6 5th July, 2015.
Ben heads towards Rex's alternate timeline, hopefully preventing both Van Kleiss and Providence from making a copy of the all-powerful Omega Nanite!
180px-Clockwork in Omniverse-1-.png

Three To Ten

7 7 12th July, 2015.

Ben, along with Paradox, his UA self and Rex, head to the secret Plumber Base to stop the evil villains from sending himself and his family foward in time and lead them to their doom!


One More Chance

8 8 19th July, 2015.

As UA Ben is restored, he faces a gang of all his villains. As Alpha joins the battle, Ben decides to let the Plumbers team up with Providence as Ben and Rex's dimensions start to fall apart! Luckily, help comes in unexpected places......

307-Holiday in hive.png

Secrets of Days Past

9 9 26th July, 2015.

As the Plumbers and Providence team up to take the gang of villains down, Ben and Rex learn the secrets of their ancestors and friends!

Its hero time.png


10 10 2nd August, 2013.

The Plumbers and Providence time travel to destroy the escaping Alpha once and for all while going through a maze of time!


Paradoxed Professor

11 11 9th August, 2015.

Professor Paradox sacrifices himself to save Ben, but by doing so, the space-time-continum becomes destabilized and Ben must stop the paradox by destroying the one source of this before it can destroy Paradox!

185px-Ben in Bellwood-1-.png Humanity's Last Hope 12 12 16th August, 2015.
 Ben Tennyson has become Earth's last hope and must make the ultimate decision as he battles the revived Diagon!
Omniverse Psyphon.png The DNA Theft 13 13 23rd August, 2015.
Ben faces a terrible reality when Vilgax steals Ultimatrix crystals and locks down Ben's aliens one by one!
185px-Gravattack action pic.png United Universes 14 14  30th August, 2015.
Ben Tennyson joins forces with himself from other universes to battle his corrupted future self!
Ep1scene1 BTUF.png Galactic Grounds 15 15 6th September, 2015.
Ben and Kevin discover that a group of aliens are holding Gwen hostage and must take part in a grand prix to win her back!
212px-Kevin with his car.png Myths Of The Temple 16 16 13th September, 2015.
Ben and trio travel to Terradino's lengendary temple to stop Charmcaster from making a dimensional portal and unleashing her rock monsters!
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