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Ben 10 is unlike most other series on this Wiki. It follows six soldiers fighting in the war on Trolls.

  1. Prime, The brains of the operation.
  2. Sheldon, The casual guy.
  3. Yahtzee (AKA Me), Paranormal Investagator of the group.
  4. Harry, The big guns.
  5. Nightmare, The gun-weliding psycho of the group. 
  6. Joe, The Spy.

I created this out of sheer boredom. This is my attempt at being funny. Either way you'll laugh. Maybe at me getting good lines or just being a fail.

This series is on hiatus.


Oh boy. I like this bit.

Main Characters[]

  • Prime
  • Sheldon
  • Yahtzee
  • Harry
  • Nightmare
  • Joe


  • Hector
  • Zidiot (AKA Project Z)
  • Joe Harvey
  • Josh
  • Farty
  • Al Gore

Other Characters[]

  • Max
  • Slenderman 
  • The Man with A Plan (Dead)
  • Cyber

Latest Episode[]


  • Every episode will have a joke title before it's complete.
  • Yahtzee was most likely drunk when creating this.
  • Many Episodes (or planned episodes) are parodies. For instance, Episode 2 is planned to be a Star Wars parody.
  • There's an archive at Here
  • There's probably more, but I'm to lazy to add it.