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Ben 10: The Evolution the video game is a game related to the series Ben 10: The Evolution.


After a sneak attack by Vilgax, Victor and Chris relax not knowing that Vilgax was actually sent to spy on them by Kenny. When Kenny comes to try to battle Victor, he then successfully extracts 4 D.N.A samples from the Evoltrix. After Victor and Chris realize that his face is completely normal, they start to worry. They then find out that it was because of the D.N.A loss. When Azmuth tells them that 4 different crystals containing the Evoltrix's D.N.A has been hidden all over the galaxy, Azmuth lets them have the map of infinity to take them there, only if, Victor can proove in a fight that he is worthy to gain the D.N.A back.

Playable Aliens/ Characters[]

Victor Millenicon

Christopher Lopher

Transparent (Returned to playble aliens in level 6)



DeVictor (Returned to playble aliens in level 8)

OsmoVictor (Returned to playble aliens in level 3)

Anodite Victor (Returned at last level)


Level 1- Water Rush Town

Level 2- Poseicon

Level 3- Null void

Level 4- Villian hideout

Level 5- Mount Rushmore

Level 6- Return to Water Rush Town

Level 7- Anodyne

Level 8- Primus

Level 9- Vilgaxia

Level 10- Bellwood

Special features[]

Exclusive Ben 10: The Evolution music video-

Sneak peek of the soon live action movie

Behind the scenes look at Ben 10: The Evolution and a sneak peek of the next and final series after

thumb|right|300px|Exclusive Music video