Ben 10: Alien Universe
Season 1, Episode 1
As Seen on YouTube
Air date December 11, 2008
September 21, 2012 (BiA)
Written by Stripes
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Albedo Returns
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For the re-animated version, see Ben 10 Returns/Re-Animated.

Ben 10 Returns is the season/series premiere of Ben 10: Alien Universe. It walks through a version of the first episode of Ben 10: Alien Force that is founded mainly on the important parts.


While doing some boxing on his own in a gym, Ben is stopped when an enraged alien enters the gym from nowhere. Ben runs off to the Rustbucket in search of his Grandpa, but instead finds the Omnitrix, the most powerful watch in the universe, capable of transforming the user into one of over a million different aliens. After putting on the watch again for the first time in five years, Ben is prepared now to go against the DNAliens as he befriends old enemy Kevin Levin and adds cousin Gwen Tennyson to reach a common goal: Defeat the DNAliens!

Major Events

  • Ben puts the all-powerful Omnitrix on his wrist after 5 years to start a new battle against new foes.
  • The DNAliens attack the gang for the first time.
  • Kevin E. Levin, previously known as Kevin 11, joins the team as an anti-hero, also providing the team with a good steady ride to where they need to go for saving the world.



  • DNAliens
  • Kevin Levin (briefly)
  • Highbreed (Back in Action: Alien Universe only)

​Aliens Used

  • Swampfire (debut appearance)
  • Jetray (debut appearance)


  • As opposed to the episode of Ben 10: Alien Force after which this is named (which aired almost 6 months prior), this version is much shorter and plays out much differently, mostly using completely different aliens and having the gang not even meet a Highbreed Commander.
  • Also opposing its namesake episode of Alien Force, this episode does not feature the robotic dragon or the Forever Knights as villains.
  • Swampfire uses some kind of plant that knocks Kevin out. This reappears in the Back in Action version.
  • Magister Labrid does not appear at all.
  • The episode's name is a direct reference to Ben 10: Returns, the first and second episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.
  • As with the Alien Universe original premiere, Back in Action's version of the premiere will not feature Julie Yamamoto.
  • Ben used the same first alien in this episode (Swampfire) as in Alien Force, but not the same second (here: Jetray; Alien Force: Echo Echo).
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