Ben 10 Multi Trixes: The Game is a video game based on all of the series.


It is a shorter video game adaptation of the series. Each world is based on each season, and each level is based on a major episode, although some episodes' plots are combined to make some of the levels.


Seasons 1 and 2 were the first worlds to be added. When Season 3 and BTUC are finished, they will also be added. Season 4 will be made when it is finished, completing the game.

Playable Aliens

You can play as any alien used during that episode/group of episodes.


World 1: The Omnitrix 2.0

Level 1: Vilgax and Aggregor

After a fight with Albedo for the Ultimatrix, Vilgax escapes from Albedo's Omnitrix. After Aggregor arrives, it's a race for the Potis Altiare with Ben, Vilgax, and Aggregor.

Level 2: Amnesia on Appoplexia

Ben, not fully remembering how the Ultimatrix works, has to fight Aggregor, Vilgax, and a group of Ultimate Appoplexians!

Level 3: Vilgax's Defeat

You must stop Vilgax from sucking the universe into the Nothing Dimension with Azmuth's new Omnitrix 2.0.

Level 4: The Fight With Albedo

Here, you play through the flashback.

Level 5: Defeating Zs'Skayr

Here, you play through the three-part Season 1 finale.

To be finished...

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