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Ben 10000 had a son with Julie Yamamoto, and his name is Ben Jr., who at 16 got the Ultatrix of his father with the help of Azmuth and now fights the forces of evil along with his father , who has the New Alfatix.

Main Characters

Ben 10 Jr.

Kevin Jr.

Ven Gument

Ben 10000

Max Tennyson

Julie Yamamoto

Ben Team 2 (Recruiting)






Kevin Levin

Magister Ghanos (Expelled from the Earth)

Badfflo (Dead)

Max Levin

Rex Levin

Jon Hunter (Dead)

Jack Levin (Dead)


Boulder (First appearance in My Birthday)

Farcleam (First appearance in My Birthday)

Albedo (First appearance in Meet Albedo)(Only in this episode, then it turns into an ally

Argit (First appearance in Energy of Ultimatrix, again)

Sight (First appearance in Energy of Ultimatrix, again)(Captured and returned to Null Void in the same episode)

Ectonorite (First appearance in I Love You)

Loudth (First appearance in Ready to get stuck ?)

Quince (First appearance in Ready to get stuck ?)

Kraab (First appearance in Ready to get stuck ?)

Hypnorian (First appearance in Mistake)


Alfhatrix (First appearance in My Birthday)

Omini Energy Conteiner (First appearance in Energy of Ultimatrix, again)

Potis Altiare (First appearance in --------)

List of Episodes

Season 1

1 - My Birthday

2 - Meet Albedo

3 - Energy of Ultimatrix, again

4 - I Love You

5 - Ready to get stuck ?

6 - Mistake

7- Kids Day

Season 2 - The Return of 4

Video Games

Ben 10 Jr. : Save Ben ! - The Video Game

King Boltra, Frammy, Nightmare Pyronite, Shadow Perfect To’kustar,Negative Polar X, Insectelligence,Fortan, Farcleam, Vilgax, Necropolix, Terrom, AlbeDrillo and Fenrir have teamed up to end of time with Ben Jr, Ben 10 (now known as Ben 10,000) and Julie Yamamoto and now their partners, friends and even former rivals unite also to save them now and figure they're together, they can travel around, but absolutely all of the galaxy behind the three prisoners. Will they succeed?


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