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Ben 10 In Your Pocket! is a handheld toy used by kids in the multiple timelines to act like Ben. It has three buttons through which it is operated: an Omnitrix dial button, a multi-function button (that has different functions depending on the situation, such as when you've opened the Omnitrix dial it lets you scroll to the right of the aliens), and a Select button. It also has a computer side to it of the same name that you can use to fight people online.


Play as Ben Tennyson as you travel across space using heroes such as "Firebreath" and "Humongous"! When a new villain called Ragor comes around, use these aliens to stop him on the go!

New Omnitrix Aliens[]

The creators of the Ben 10 In Your Pocket! game did not consult Ben Tennyson for the names of his aliens, just simply recorded a few of their moves similar to how Will Harangue did in Video Games (an episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien).


  • *Super Alien! is only usable at the end of the game


  • The game's moves for the heroes were recorded after Ben 10: Ultimate Alien's events, but before Ben 10: Omniverse (ergo, why Gravattack is in the game).
  • Ex-Plumber Cohh Martin designed and programmed the game. The Plumbers were not allowed to ban the game, but were given permission to ask for the rights to the game from Ben. Ben was okay with it, and a sequel to the game was confirmed that will have the correct names for the alien heroes, and allows you to play against one of Ben's real enemies.
  • Ragor seems to be based on Vilgax, but has a name similar to Aggregor.