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Story:Ultimate Z will come on Earth.Nothing can stop him,even the heroes.The uprising of threats is a sign of his arrival.Ben,Gwen,Kevin will do their best to stop them.That is what they promised to the human race.Will they win against Ultimate Z?The only way to find out is by playing the game.

Characters:Ben,Gwen(level 2 unlockable),Kevin(level 3 unlockable)



Gwen-mana punch,mana kick,mana headbutt,mana push,mana pull,mana strangle,mana throw,mana jump-kick,mana leg-sweep,mana strike,mana pound,mana hit,mana smash,mana crush,mana slam,mana blast


Bosses:Executioner,Overpower,Exterminator,Destroyer,Villainous,Killer,Dimension Man,Ultimate Z


Los Soledad-Executioner's lair.The mini-boss here is a Techadon Robot and the enemies here are Executioner's blue drones,red drones,yellow drones,white drones,brown drones,black drones.

Zombozo's Circus-Overpower's lair.The mini-boss here is a Killer Clown and the enemies here are Overpower's blue butlers,red butlers,yellow butlers,white butlers,brown butlers,black butlers.

Unknown Cornfields-Exterminator's lair.The mini-boss here is Sir Urian and the enemies here are Exterminator's blue robots,red robots,yellow robots,white robots,brown robots,black robots.

The Forge of Creation-Destroyer's lair.The mini-boss here is Aggregor and the enemies here are Destroyer's blue,red,yellow,white,brown,black sentinels.