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Ben 10 Fusion Aliens is an animated TV Series, based off of Cartoonnetwork's Ben 10 and the twenty-fifth episode of the series, Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray. Followed by Ben 10 Alien Force - Fusion Aliens.


In order to defeat evil threats to the Galaxy. Ben is given a new function in his omnitrix, allowing him to select two aliens and transform into a fusion of the aliens he selects.


Main Characters

Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson

Max Tennyson

Omnitrix Aliens


Four Arms





Grey Matter






Ben Wolf

Ben Mummy

Ben Victor



Eye Guy

Way Big

Fused Aliens

To fuse his aliens, Ben hits the button and two frames come up, allowing him to select two aliens. After he chooses his aliens, the selection pads reform, showing on it, the silouhette fused alien. The second way to fuse his aliens, is when he's already in a single alien form he activates the omnitrix, wherever it's placed on him, and he selects another alien and slams it, fusing that alien, with who he already is.

Fused Alien Fusee Alien 1 Fusee Alien 2
Heat Arms Heatblast Four Arms
Heat Mutt Heatblast Wildmutt
Diamond Blast Heatblast Diamondhead
XLRBlast Heatblast XLR8
Stinkblast Heatblast Stinkfly
Grey Blast Heatblast Grey Matter
Heatgrade Heatblast Upgrade
Heatjaws Heatblast Ripjaws
Heatfreak Heatblast Ghostfreak
Cannonblast Heatblast Cannonbolt
Heatvine Heatblast Wildvine
Heat Wolf Heatblast Ben Wolf
Heat Mummy Heatblast Ben Mummy
Heat Victor Heatblast Ben Victor
Heatchuck Heatblast Upchuck
Dittoblast Heatblast Ditto
Eye Blast Heatblast Eye Guy
Wayblast Heatblast Waybig
Fourmutt Four Arms Wildmutt
Diamond Arms Four Arms Diamondhead
XLRArms Four Arms XLR8
Stinkarms Four Arms Stinkfly
Grey Arms Four Arms Grey Matter
Fourgrade Four Arms Upgrade
Fourjaws Four Arms Ripjaws
Ghost Arms Four Arms Ghostfreak
Cannonarms Four Arms Cannonbolt
Fourvine Four Arms Wildvine
Four Wolf Four Arms Ben Wolf
Four Mummy Four Arms Ben Mummy
Four Victor Four Arms Ben Victor
Fourchuck Four Arms Upchuck
Ditto Arms Four Arms Ditto
Eye Arms Four Arms Eye Guy
Big Arms Four Arms Way Big
Diamondmutt Wildmutt Diamondhead
XLRMutt Wildmutt XLR8
Stinkmutt Wildmutt Stinkfly
Grey Mutt Wildmutt Grey Matter
Muttgrade Wildmutt Upgrade
Muttjaws Wildmutt Ripjaws
Ghostmutt Wildmutt Ghostfreak
Cannonmutt Wildmutt Cannonbolt
Muttvine Wildmutt Wildvine
Mutt Wolf Wildmutt Ben Wolf
Mutt Mummy Wildmutt Ben Mummy
Mutt Victor Wildmutt Ben Victor
Muttchuck Wildmutt Upchuck
Dittomutt Wildmutt Ditto
Eye Mutt Wildmutt Eye Guy
Big Mutt Wildmutt Way Big
XLRDiamond Diamondhead XLR8
Diamondfly Diamondhead Stinkfly
Diamondmatter Diamondhead Grey Matter
Diamondgrade Diamondhead Upgrade
Daimondjaws Diamondhead Rip Jaws
Diamondfreak Diamondhead Ghostfreak
Diamondbolt Diamondhead Cannonbolt
Diamondvine Diamondhead Wildvine
Diamond Wolf Diamondhead Ben Wolf
Diamond Mummy Diamondhead Ben Mummy
Diamond Victor Diamondhead Ben Victor
Diamondchuck Diamondhead Upchuck
Ditto Diamond Diamondhead Ditto
Diamond Eye Diamondhead Eye Guy
Big Diamond Diamondhead Way Big
XLRFly XLR8 Stinkfly
XLRMatter XLR8 Grey Matter
XLRGrade XLR8 Upgrade
XLRJaws XLR8 Rip Jaws
XLRFreak XLR8 Ghostfreak
XLRBolt XLR8 Cannonbolt


XLR8 Wildvine
XLRWolf XLR8 Ben Wolf
XLRMummy XLR8 Ben Mummy
XLRVictor XLR8 Ben Victor
XLRChuck XLR8 Upchuck
XLRDitto XLR8 Ditto
XLREye XLR8 Eye Guy
XLRBig XLR8 Way Big
Stink Matter Stinkfly Grey Matter
Grey Grade Stinkfly Upgrade
Stink Jaws Stinkfly Rip Jaws
Stinkfreak Stinkfly Ghostfreak
Cannonfly Stinkfly Cannonbolt
Cannon Wolf Stinkfly Ben Wolf
Cannon Mummy Stinkfly Ben Mummy
Cannon Victor Stinkfly Ben Victor
Stinkchuck Stinkfly Upchuck
Dittofly Stinkfly Ditto
Stink Eye Stinkfly Eye Guy
Bigfly Stinkfly Way Big
Grey Grade Grey Matter Upgrade
Grey Jaws Grey Matter Rip Jaws
Ghost Matter Grey Matter Ghostfreak
Cannon Matter Grey Matter Cannonbolt
Grey Vine Grey Matter Wildvine
Grey Wolf Grey Matter Ben Wolf
Grey Mummy Grey Matter Ben Mummy
Grey Victor Grey Matter Ben Victor
Greychuck Grey Matter Upchuck
Ditto Matter Grey Matter Ditto
Eye Matter Grey Matter Eye Guy
Big Matter Grey Matter Way Big
Rip Grade Upgrade Rip Jaws
Ghostgrade Upgrade Ghostfreak
Cannongrade Upgrade Cannonbolt
Gradevine Upgrade Wildvine
Wolf Grade Upgrade Ben Wolf
Mummy Grade Upgrade Ben Mummy
Grade Victor Upgrade Ben Victor
Chuckgrade Upgrade Upchuck
Ditto Grade Upgrade Ditto
Eye Grade Upgrade Eye Guy
Big Grade Upgrade Way Big
Ghost Jaws Rip Jaws Ghostfreak
Cannon Jaws Rip Jaws Cannonbolt
Rip Vine Rip Jaws Wildvine
Wolf Jaws Rip Jaws Ben Wolf
Mummy Jaws Rip Jaws Ben Mummy
Rip Victor Rip Jaws Ben Victor
Ripchuck Rip Jaws Upchuck
Ditto Jaws Rip Jaws Ditto
Eye Jaws Rip Jaws Eye Guy
Big Jaws Rip Jaws Way Big
Cannonfreak Ghostfreak Cannonbolt
Ghostvine Ghostfreak Wildvine
Cannon Wolf Ghostfreak Ben Wolf
Ghost Mummy Ghostfreak Ben Mummy
Ghost Victor Ghostfreak Ben Victor
Ghost Chuck Ghostfreak Upchuck
Dittofreak Ghostfreak Ditto
Eye Freak Ghostfreak Eye Guy
Big Freak Ghostfreak Way Big
Cannonvine Cannonbolt Wildvine
Cannon Wolf Cannonbolt Ben Wolf
Cannon Mummy Cannonbolt Ben Mummy
Cannon Victor Cannonbolt Ben Victor
Cannon Chuck Cannonbolt Upchuck
Dittobolt Cannonbolt Ditto
Eye Bolt Cannonbolt Eye Guy
Big Bolt Cannonbolt Way Big
Wolfvine Wildvine Ben Wolf
Vine Mummy Wildvine Ben Mummy
Vine Victor Wildvine Ben Victor
Vine Chuck Wildvine Upchuck
Dittovine Wildvine Ditto
Eye Vine Wildvine Eye Guy
Big Vine Wildvine Way Big
Mummy Wolf Ben Wolf Ben Mummy
Wolf Victor Ben Wolf Ben Victor
Chuck Wolf Ben Wolf Upchuck
Ditto Wolf Ben Wolf Ditto
Eye Wolf Ben Wolf Eye Guy
Big Wolf Ben Wolf Way Big
Mummy Victor Ben Mummy Ben Victor
Chuck Mummy Ben Mummy Upchuck
Ditto Mummy Ben Mummy Ditto
Eye Mummy Ben Mummy Eye Guy
Big Mummy Ben Mummy Way Big
Chuck Victor Ben Victor Upchuck
Ditto Victor Ben Victor Ditto
Eye Victor Ben Victor Eye Guy
Big Victor Ben Victor Way Big
Chuck Ditto Upchuck Ditto
Chuck Eye Upchuck Eye Guy
Big Chuck Upchuck Way Big
Ditto Eye Ditto Eye Guy
Big Ditto Ditto Way Big
Big Eye Eye Guy Way Big


Season 1

Title Ep. # Description
Day of the Fusions Part 1 1 Vilgax assembles with some of Ben's greatest enemies, Dr. Animo, Hex, Charmcaster, Zombozo, Enoch,  Z' Skayr, and Kevin, and has captured Asmuth. Now, Ben, Gwen, and Max must save Asmuth, but the assembled villians prove to much for the trio.
Day of the Fusions Part 2 2 After saving Asmuth, the group is still on the run, from their enemies, but must stand and fight, while waiting for Azmuth to finish a device, allowing Ben to fuse his aliens.
The Strong and Small 3 After a malfunction in the Omnitrix fusing function, Ben can only turn into Grey Matter fusions, while having to deal, with Rojo and her gang.
Rest in Peace 4 After Z' Skayr re-emerges and returns to his minions, Ben realizes he has his Ghostfreak transformations again, and must use his Ghostfreak fusions to beat the four supernatural villians.
Mystery in Bellwood 5 The trio investigates disappearances at College in Bellwood.
Green with Envy 6 The spray of a new dragon toy in Bellwood, causes people to act like children and making them addicted to the toys, including the Tennysons, but they find all the toys being stolen by the effected citizens, is being taken to Zombozo.