Below is a list of technical things that you might find here, and explanations of what they are.



Moving your mouse over a comment brings up a pop-up.

Comments are the small orange squares that you see once in a while during editing. Like templates, moving your mouse over them causes a pop-up to fade in. It displays the text of the comment. Comments are generally designed to provide instructions to editors. Make sure you completely follow their instructions.


"Variables," as they're called here, are the parentheses text, such as "(Series Name, italics)." They provide instructions on what to replace them with. For example, if someone was writing "Ben 10: Evolution," they'd replace that with "Ben 10: Evolution." Do not leave the parentheses in the article when saving.


Templates are the boxes at the right of the article that list basic info on things. Actually, those are just infobox templates. A template can be anything from a big fancy lightshow-thing to a three-word sentence. You just create the template page, and then type in some code to get the template to appear on your new regular page. The infobox templates in the layouts contain variables. The below gallery shows a picture of an alien template with the variables, and with the finished text.

Source Mode

Source Mode is the standard editor. The one that displays all everything and has a black background is the Rich Text Editor, or RTE. (You can disable the RTE in your Preferences.) If you have the RTE enabled, but get an error message when trying to switch to it while editing a page, it may be a result of some bad coding. (Report it here.) Below is a shot of the RTE and Source Mode.


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