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Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki: Project 10,000 is a collection of Omnitrix fanon aliens to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the wiki's topic, Ben 10. Special recognition will be given to those who list an alien on a nominative of 10 (10, 100, 1,000, 10,000).


  • As of July 1st, 2013, only registered users can edit the wiki, so only registered users can vote.
  • Keep the layout almost as it is. Don't change the preset numbered and bulleted lists.
  • Only nominate your own aliens.
  • To nominate an alien, click edit button. It should take you to a numbered list. Please write the alien name with a link to its page and then "By your username here" with a link to your user page.

Alien Requirements

  • The alien must have all the characteristics of an alien, weaknesses and powers, listed on its page. Exceptions can be made such as the information being withheld temporarily because of spoilers.
  • If your page has no pictures, it will not be allowed.
    • ​As of December 4th, 2015, the rule has changed. If there is an avid description of the alien appearance, the alien can be accepted without an image.
  • No idea theft accepted in the alien.


Ex. (Alien Name) by (Creator Name)

  1. Meowster by Jack
  2. Head Horns by Jack
  3. Fireflight by Jack
  4. Elemont by Jack
  5. Camouflage by Jack
  6. Furs by Jack
  7. Recharge by MIGSTER7, GET IT?
  8. Flipso by Jack
  9. Default by Jack
  10. Crystal Rage by Jack
  11. Moldaman by Jack
  12. SkeleTon by Jack
  13. X-rayer by Jack
  14. Blankfaint by Jack
  15. Fighiris by Jack
  16. Airtimer by Jack
  17. Boozo by Jack
  18. Aquatix by Jack
  19. Apering by Jack
  20. Whiplash by Jack
  21. Pranktastic by Jack
  22. Terrack by Jack
  23. Adrenawin by Jack
  24. Scaline by Jack
  25. Sharknado by Jack
  26. Stitcherama by Jack
  27. AssassinTen by Ulti
  28. Glitch by Ulti
  29. Pursuant by Ulti
  30. Wolf Calendar DS by Ulti
  31. DNBen by Ulti
  32. Porquillpine by Ulti
  33. Venomsnake by Ulti
  34. Powerhouse by Ulti
  35. Dartroot by Ulti
  36. Stumblebat by Ulti
  37. Brute Fource by Ulti
  38. Hurrycane by Ulti
  39. Terrarist by Ulti
  40. X-plodoflame by Ulti
  41. Lavalamp by Mig
  42. Spiker by Mig
  43. Juggerknot by Mig
  44. Puncherbot by Mig
  45. Warpspeed by Mig
  46. AHDO by Mig
  47. Battery Acid by Mig
  48. Dragonfly by Mig
  49. Iceitope by Mig
  50. Flash Flood by Mig
  51. Blarewolf by Mig
  52. Alien M by Mig
  53. Gammahand by Mig
  54. Wrapid by Mig
  55. Ro-dent by Mig
  56. SonaR by Mig
  57. Bullhorns by Mig
  58. Frankenstrike by Mig
  59. Manadite by Mig
  60. Magmageddon by Mig
  61. Yellow Star by Mig
  62. Nitrowing by Mig
  63. Kreepy Krawl by Mig
  64. Aquapus by Mig
  65. Plasmify by Mig
  66. Sdrawkcab by Mig
  67. Flish-Flash by Mig
  68. Overcast by Mig
  69. Levilizard by Mig
  70. Venom Fang by Mig
  71. Control Freak by Mig
  72. Minuscule by Mig
  73. Insectosaurus by Mig
  74. Clapslap by Mig
  75. Timberwood by Mig
  76. Useless by Mig
  77. Beastweed by Mig
  78. Ball-istic by Mig
  79. Real Steel by Mig
  80. Appearition by Mig
  81. Sting Ray by Mig
  82. Gemspade by Mig
  83. Living Laser by Mig
  84. Fright Height by Mig
  85. Momentum by Mig
  86. Rockhard by Mig
  87. Spinosaur by Brywarrior
  88. Blyzzard by Brywarrior
  89. FlameOgre by Brywarrior
  90. Darkflame by Brywarrior
  91. Atomix by Brywarrior
  92. Equinox by Brywarrior
  93. Whiplash by Brywarrior
  94. Overflow by Brywarrior
  95. Rockslide by Brywarrior
  96. Technopath by Brywarrior
  97. Bolt by Brywarrior
  98. Shellhead by Brywarrior
  99. Stampede by Brywarrior
  100. Lavazoid by Brywarrior
  101. Cementomb by Brywarrior
  102. Giganglione by Rob
  103. Nightchain by Rob
  104. Eraserhead by Rob
  105. Planetesimal by Rob
  106. Bearwolf by Sif
  107. BrainFreeze by Sif
  108. Handra by Sci
  109. Eyedra by Sci
  110. SlenderBen by Sci
  111. Flashdrive by Sci
  112. Party-Animal by Sci
  113. BullWasp by Sif
  114. Freezemore by Sif
  115. Hothead by Sif
  116. Levitate by Sif
  117. Ninjace by Sif
  118. Ultimate Ninjace by Sif
  119. NightShade by Sif
  120. Ooze by Sif
  121. Piranhagator by Sif
  122. Rulk by Sif
  123. Super Way Big by Mig
  124. Skyshark by Sif
  125. Teeni by Sif
  126. Bouncaround by Steve
  127. Alien XIII by Ultra
  128. Façade by Ultra
  129. Vaccine by Ultra
  130. Bloodstrike by Ultra
  131. Shroud by Ultra
  132. Dimvapour by Rob
  133. Tailfeathers by Rob
  134. Striker by Rob
  135. King Potato by LordAbsolutrix
  136. Bullsand by LordAbsolutrix
  137. Splitskull by DarkWolfr
  138. Hot Chill by DarkWolfr
  139. Shardatax by DarkWolfr
  140. Aquapipe by DarkWolfr
  141. MalFunk by DarkWolfr
  142. Trace by DarkWolfr
  143. Moodswing by Grounder
  144. Thera by Grounder
  145. Mr. Roboto by Grounder
  146. Chaingun by TheDiamondBattle
  147. Light Speed by TheDiamondBattle
  148. Star Stroke by TonyPops
  149. Batch of Matches by TonyPops
  150. Frosteam by TonyPops
  151. Disk Dazer by TonyPops
  152. Forgetmenot by TonyPops
  153. Husher by TonyPops
  154. Intangiblur by TonyPops
  155. Green Needle by TonyPops
  156. Bomb Bake by TonyPops
  157. Mohawk by TonyPops
  158. Strong Shell by Evfnye.misx70
  159. EyEgle by Evfnye.misx70
  160. Knightmare by Evfnye.misx70
  161. Bind Limb by Evfnye.misx70
  162. Dragonforce by Evfnye.misx70
  163. Drawback by TonyPops
  164. Stage Phaser by TonyPops
  165. Negative Glacier by TonyPops
  166. Hellfire by TonyPops
  167. Hardhead by TonyPops
  168. Black Ice by TonyPops
  169. Gratidude by TonyPops
  170. Flazer by TonyPops
  171. Byte by TonyPops
  172. Triplicate by TonyPops
  173. Armstrong by TonyPops
  174. Zaptrack by TonyPops
  175. Phasebranch by TonyPops
  176. Watervain by TonyPops
  177. Acclimate by TonyPops
  178. Web Designer by TonyPops
  179. Flashback by TonyPops
  180. Titanwing by DeltaPower1
  181. Spasar By DeltaPower1
  182. Psychpathy By DeltaPower1
  183. Cugger By Poliwag The Blogger
  184. Trake By Poliwag The Blogger
  185. Dustephant By Poliwag The Blogger
  186. Spinstiker By Poliwag The Blogger
  187. Sumog By Poliwag The Blogger
  188. Binarly By Poliwag The Blogger
  189. Wonmanban By Poliwag The Blogger
  190. Balloo By Poliwag The Blogger
  191. Mantrix By Poliwag The Blogger
  192. Nullyphish By Poliwag The Blogger
  193. Gamvalve By Poliwag The Blogger
  194. Escarg By Poliwag The Blogger
  195. Steambok By Poliwag The Blogger
  196. Jokler By Poliwag The Blogger
  197. Hypnobatt By Poliwag The Blogger
  198. Inkraken By Poliwag The Blogger
  199. Bluna By Poliwag The Blogger
  200. Bunnybog By Poliwag The Blogger