The Omniverse is everything that has existed, currently exists, or will exist in every world, including the real world. Within it, there are several multiverses, including the BTFF Multiverse and the Realityverse, the latter of which is the real world.

Rules of the Omniverse

  1. Fictional Realism: Alternate versions of one thing, such as a character, exist in every universe within a multiverse. This applies to everything except the Realityverse.
  2. Balance of the Omniverse: Newton's Third Law applies here: for every single action there is an equal and opposite reaction; every death equals a new birth, so, if a villain wipes out half of a universe's population, then somewhere in that multiverse, a universe just got the same out of people killed brought to life.
  3. False Omnipotence: Simply put, god-like beings might have the power that may be omnipotent to that universe or even multiverse; however, their power does not extend to the entire Omniverse. If the being is only omnipotent to his or her universe, then he or she would be as mortal as a normal human outside of that universe.
  4. Prohibited Creation of Multiverses: Omnipotent beings can only create a universe; they cannot create multiverses. This coincides with Rule #5.
  5. Prohibited Travel between Multiverses: Travel between multiverses is strictly impossible.
  6. Good and Evil: This is an extension of Rule #2. Every individual universe must have a hero and a villain. If either exists without the other, then one will rise to restore balance. If neither exists, then a hero or villain will rise and throw the world into chaos.
  7. The Fourth Wall: It cannot be broken; doing so violates Rule #5 because it shows that the characters in one multiverse know about other multiverses, which is impossible.
  8. Forces: Forces, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed. If one is destroyed temporarily, then one, it is not actually completely destroyed, and two, it will return to its normal strength in order to restore balance.
  9. Infinite Multiverses: There are an infinite amount of multiverses, but only one Omniverse.
  10. Ignorant Creation: No one has ever known how multiverses are created, no one currently knows how multiverses are created, and no one ever will know how multiverses are created. It does not matter.

List of Multiverses

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