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Use this page to nominate and vote for the featured Series, which will be listed on the home page. Use the button below to nominate a series.

Note: For help with the layout for the nomination, go here.


  • Keep the layout almost as it is. Don't change the preset numbered and bulleted lists.
  • If one of the nominees is a project you work on, you cannot vote for them.
  • Do not vote for another series if you already nominated one.
  • You can change your vote. But you can't vote twice.
  • Do not remove your vote. If the vote is invalid or changed, strike it out1, but don't remove it.
    • 1Type <strike> at the beginning of each line, and at the end of each line, to strike out text.
  • Credit the creator if nominating someone else's series.
  • Nominating something as a joke, ironically, or shitposting is not allowed.

Series Requirements

  • It must be an active series; 3 months or more with no activity is considered inactive.
  • Nominating a cancelled series is allowed, just as long as the writer doesn't choose to take down the episodes.
  • It must have a strong navigation structure, making it easy to find the series' aliens, characters, and episodes, even if the episodes are on another page. The easiest way to do this is to make a category for your series.
  • The series must be at least four months old.
  • The series must have at least decent grammar.

Previous Winners (Yearly)

Previous Winners (Monthly)










Project Deca

Created by CaT and nominated by the same.


  1. Absolutely deserving to be a featured series. A very creative premise that's done extremely well even in just the few episodes it's had. My parents made me what I am. I am the protector of the deep. I am... Aquaman. 04:36, April 1, 2019 (UTC)
  2. I admit that I'm not as caught up as I'd like to be, but from what I've read, CaT has poured his heart and soul into this series and it's paying off for sure. UltiEpic! (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 03:58, April 2, 2019 (UTC)
  3. It's a crossover series, done right. And I also am not caught up as much as I'd like to admit but I can already tell it's deserving of being featured series. It's time for an Ultimate Hero! 19:13, April 5, 2019 (UTC)
  4. Haven't even read it yet RIP. Voting on artwork alone. Goodbye, my chances at featured series of the year I had strings... But now I'm free... 23:22, April 5, 2019 (UTC)