For April 2013, decided in the voting period during March 2013, there was no winner. During this month, only two pictures were nominated. One picture had two votes and the other picture had zero votes, so the picture with more should have won; HOWEVER, the rules state that pictures representing solely aliens cannot win, and therefore, as BOTH pictures represented solely aliens, there was no winner, DESPITE the main page showcasing the alien that had two votes. This should NOT have happened.

Here is the proof:

I understand that it was not explicitly listed in the rules at the time that pictures solely of aliens cannot win; however, this is common sense as there is a whole other category for said category. The rules now state this as of June 3, 2013.

Sorry for the inconvenience, especially to Nick, whose picture would have won.

Paper (Contact) 19:51, June 3, 2013 (UTC)

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