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Use this page to nominate and vote for the featured Omnitrix alien, which will be listed on the home page. Use the button below to nominate an alien.

Note: For help with the layout for the nomination, go here.

How to Vote

Click "Expand" to read the tutorial!

Step 1

First, refer to the contents table to see the available nominees. They will be listed underneath "Previous Winners (Monthly)".


Click on the name of the nominee you want to view, and you will be taken to their section on the page. If you are using a platform that does not display the contents table, you can also view the nominees simply by scrolling down the page.

Step 2

Once you've viewed the nominees, you can now begin voting. The three headings relevant to voting are "For", "Against", and "Comments".


To vote For or Against the nominee, click the link next to the relevant heading labeled "edit source". This will take you to a page with a hashtag underneath the word "For" or "Against".


Type three tildes (the '~' symbol on your keyboard) in a row next to the hashtag and then click the word "Save" on the bottom right of the screen.

Tip: If you're having a hard time reading the text in this image, click or tap on the image to view it at a larger size.

If someone has already typed something next to the hashtag, press the "Enter" or "Return" key on your keyboard to create a new line underneath the existing hashtag. After that, simply add a new hashtag to the start of the line and then type three tildes and save as normal.


After this, your vote will show up on the page as either your signature (which you can set in your Preferences) or simply your username.


Congratulations! You voted!

If you want to leave a comment about the nominee, simply click the "edit source" link next to the "Comments" heading and follow the above steps. Before saving, type what you want to say about the nominee between the asterisk (the '*' symbol on your keyboard) and the tildes. After this, whatever you typed will show up on the page as a signed comment.

What it will look like while editing.

What it will look like after saving the page.

Happy voting!


  • Keep the layout almost as it is. Don't change the preset numbered and bulleted lists.
  • If one of the nominees is part of a project you work on, or if you helped create them, you cannot vote for them.
  • Do not vote for another alien if you already nominated one.
  • You can change your vote. But you can't vote twice.
  • Do not remove your vote. If the vote is invalid or changed, strike it out1, but don't remove it.
    • 1Type <strike> at the beginning of each line, and at the end of each line, to strike out text.
  • Credit the creator if nominating someone else's alien.
  • Nominating something as a joke, ironically, or shitposting is not allowed.

Alien Requirements

  • The alien must have all the characteristics of an alien, weaknesses and powers, listed on its page. Exceptions can be made such as the information being withheld temporarily because of spoilers.
  • No idea theft accepted in the alien.


  • Check out this to see Featured Aliens custom made by Ren.

Previous Winners (Yearly)

Previous Winners (Monthly)