Welcome to Ben 10 Fan Fiction. If you are new to the wiki or new to Wikia in general, this is the place for you. Use this page's talk page to discuss the wiki.

New to the Wiki?

If you are new to the wiki, please read the Community Guidelines and the FAQ. You can also ask a question any time at the Plumbers' Academy forum.

New to Wikia?

If you are new to Wikia in general, you should see Wikia Help for handy guides.

How to Help Out

Want to Discuss Things?

  • If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the article comments section at the bottom of that article. Main namespace pages have comments. Other namespaces do not (excluding the "User blog" namespace, which always had them).
  • For more general discussions, use the forums.

Things to Do

For practice, please use the Sandbox. If you would like to make something but don't know how, ask an admin for assistance. Any user can make a series, episode, Omnitrix alien, hero, or villain.

Some other interesting pages

  • Want to find out what you've done so far? Visit your contributions page. This shows all of your edits. You can also view your logs through it.
  • Add something to your userpage to describe yourself. This will give you an achievements badge! However, follow the Personal Info Policy.
  • List your series at the Series List for everyone to see. You can even ask an admin to put it on the main page.

How to Write a Series

We have a great page for help on creating a series. Click here to go there.

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