The Chain of Gifts was an event created by CaT in 2016 to promote kindness among users. It was phased out in 2018 after lackluster participation during Chain of Gifts 6(66): Halloween Treats.


The event had no set schedule beyond occurring around various holidays and happening about twice a year. The Chain of Gifts consisted of users giving a randomly assigned user a gift, who in turn would give their own randomly assigned user a gift, and so on and so forth until the chain looped back around to the first person who gave a gift receiving a gift of their own.


  • Gifts should be something you think the person receiving the gift would like, whether it be art, writing, music, or anything in-between.
  • You are not allowed to give things you did not create as gifts, and though gifts such as memes and whatnot are technically allowed, they are heavily discouraged because of their low-effort nature.
  • Gift givers will have up to a week to give their gift after receiving their own. If this time limit is exceeded, the event runner (CaT) will take their place as a giver to keep the event moving.
  • Users who fail to give their assigned user a gift will be prohibited from participating in the next Chain of Gifts.

Past Chain of Gifts




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