Gar Red Wind
Gar Red Wind.png
General Information
Species Tetramand
Affiliations House of Red Wind
Occupation(s) Warlord
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Relatives Looma Red Wind (daughter)
Alias Warlord Gar
First Appearance Many Happy Returns

Gar Red Wind is the father of Looma Red Wind. He is also the ruler of Tetramands.


Gar is a very bulky and muscular Tetramand. He has a horn on one side of his helmet and a broken on the other. He has and eye patch covering a lower eye. On one of his arms, a scar can be seen. He also lost one of his arms too. Gar wears gold armor on his shoulders, legs, arms, and chest. He also wears a white cape.

In Ben 10: The Omniwars, he is deceased. In the flashbacks, he has his Omniverse appearance, but with two horns on his helmet, and his suit is a goldish-orange. He has a rusty, robotic arm where his fourth arm was.


Ben 10: The Omniwars

Aen 10

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