Starting September 1, 2014, the Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki will use an archive system to store all unclaimed content from canon pages that have since been re-branded. When a canon page is put up for re-branding, as documented below, any remaining content that is left unclaimed will be placed into that page's archive.

The Transition Process

Each month, a new set of canon pages will be put up for re-branding. As detailed in a discussion thread, this means that canon content will no longer have its own page, rather each incarnation of the canon character, device, artifact, alien, or significant other will have its own page, located at <X> (Earth-#), and a disambiguation page being found at <X>.

If <X> does not have an Earth-#, or it does have an Earth-#, but does not fit into the official BTFF Multiverse, the page should be named <X> (Series Name).

If there are multiple versions of <X> in one universe, such as alternate dimension incarnations, the pages should be named <X> (Earth-#)/Dimension Y and <X> (Earth-#)/Dimension Z or <X> (Series Name)/Dimension Y and <X> (Series Name)/Dimension Z.

When creating a page for a canon character, simply copy whatever content is needed from the old page to the new page. Please do not save any changes made to the original <X> page. An administrator will delete all claimed content from the page once the re-branding process for said page has ended, and then the content will be copied into the archive.


Pages are sorted alphabetically here.

Reclaiming Archived Content

To reclaim archived content as yours, simply find which page of the archives it was located on and copy it from the archive onto a new page. Afterwards, message an administrator on his or her message wall and notify them to update that page's archive.

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