Ben 10 : Battle Cards​​

If some one want to play he must register down there.


-Each player must have 40-50 cards in his deck zone.

-Each player have 100 Omnichips

-Each player must respect zones wich are:

       -Equip Zone
       -Creature Zone
       -Vehicle Zone
       -Dead Zone
       -Field Zone
       -Magic Zone
       -Trap Zone

-Omnichips CAN'T reach 100 at level 1

-Each "Creature Card" has :

      -Attack Omnichip
      -Defense Omnichip
      -Omnichip Reveal

How to play?

Well first you must to give me a picture of your alien and select his background (I DON'T ACCEPT JPG FILES).

You summon a creature from deck zone to creature zone by revealing omnichips.Equip cards helping the creatures.



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