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Ben 10 Aliens Transcript

Guide: B=Ben  G=Gwen  K=Kevin  P=Paradox YB=Young Ben  YG=Young Gwen 

YM=Young Max  E=Eon  YV=Young Vilgax

Rust Bucket III is seen flying.

  • B: We there yet?
  • K: Almos-

Paradox teleports in.

  • G: Paradox? What are you doing here??
  • P: I'm afraid your mission will have to wait. Eon has returned.
  • R: The time travelling menace?
  • P: Indeed.
  • B: But we destroyed him!
  • P: Yes, however this Eon is from a different reality - 0-2-3.
  • B: That's Ben 23's reality!
  • P: We must go! As we speak, Eon is already-
  • G: On his way to try to kill us - but when?
  • P: 7 years ago.
  • B: Before I mastered the Omnitrix...

Paradox opens portal.

  • P: Let us go now.

Time Jump: -7 years

The team exit the portal.

  • B: Look! There's the RV!
  • G: Oh no!

Road suddenly cracks and RV crashes into a pit.

  • YB: I feel sick...
  • YG: Me too...

Both faint.

  • G: There we are!
  • B: Kevin! Gimme a hand!
  • K: On my way!

They lift the past heroes and step through another portal and arrvie at Mount Rushmore.

  • K: There we go.
  • P: We must leave. The are more urgent matters to attend t-
  • E: I don't think so, Professor.

Eon blasts the team into the portal.

  • E: (Laughs)

The past heroes wake up.

  • YM:How did we...
  • YB: Oh no...

The Negative 10, Vilgax and Kevin break in the base.

  • YV: What do we have here?
  • YB: It's hero time!