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Ben Tennyson, is back, with more Secrets... from the past.

Created  by:  TheRyderx1

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 40

This series is up for adoption. If you're interested, write this on the comments.


THIS series will reveal the unseen secrets of the past, like When Ben was 11-15...

Did Ben meet More powerfull, and stronger villains?

Why don't we Find out.


Ben Tennyson 11–16 years old

Rook Blonko

Gwen Tennyson 

Kevin Levin

Max Tennyson

and others

Villains in Season one







Doctor. Animo


Villains in season two



a Albedo


all aliens from omniverse.

Season 1

This season will include Khyber and Psychobos trying to steal Ben's Omnitrix, And VILGAX will try to hunt down every hero in the universe, which includes Ben. A few epic episodes that will include flashbacks!

Ep1: Unrevealed past.

Ep2: Mastermind plan

Ep3: Acerrr - The Destroyer of 5 universes

Ep4: Trophy

Ep5: Vilgax Needs a Drink

Ep6: A Krabby day

Ep 7. A start to the end

Ep8. Viktor Begins

Ep 9. Invasion part 1

Ep.10. Invasion part 2

Note - The reason that Viktor won't be one of the main protoangists, is because that he got controlled, and later moved to the plumbers side.


Season 2

This season will introduce you to new enemes from the past, and present day. But little does Ben know, that Someone is behind all this..

Episode 1. The Small Zero

Episode 2. Ruby Destiny

Episode 3. What the ... Ben?

Episode 4. Miners are Miners, Heroes are Heroes

Episode 5. Revenge on the Zero

Episode 6. Maybe a little transformation?

Episode 7. A Fair trap of the Fair Brains.

Episode 8. And then, there was Zero (Alternate dimension episode)

Episode 9. Time heals (B10SOTP)

Episode 10. Ben versus a smart.

Season 3

this season will introduce you to Khyber's Newest ally: His brother-in-law. Also, you'll meet Zade, the Strongest Enemy of Ben. And... Ben's new omnitrix .. The Recreated Ultimatrix with another few aliens, Diodri, Rake, Cosmic and GenGac!

Season 4

This will be the ULTIMATE SEASON. Albedo will return, and try to take over Ben's omnitrix, Khyber Psychobos, Vilgax will team up. How will Ben get out of alll that this time?...

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